How to Buy a Table Tennis Table

Posted by Table Tennis Store on March 20th, 2020

As you think about what "Table Tennis Table" to buy, ask yourself how it will be used? Also, where will it be located? Who will be playing on it? Will it need to be moved often? These are the kinds of questions professional table tennis players ask themselves when considering a purchase. Most divide tables into three types: Tournament, Recreational, and Outdoor. Each is designed and outfitted differently to suit a specific need. Also, particular materials may be used in its construction, such as in the case of tables designed outdoor use. They are built tough enough to stand up to the elements.

At the top end of the range, tournament tables are certified by the International Table Tennis
Association and are the most expensive. They must have tops that are one-inch thick, a sturdy and robust undercarriage, and a consistent bounce is the same at different ball speeds. Tournament tables are well designed, pleasing to look at and inviting to play on. If you're searching for tournament tables, check the details before you buy them. You're after a model bearing the ITTF approval stamp. It's also vital to check the country of the manufacturer and style before you agree to buy one.

Recreational ping pong tables include a wide range of styles and quality levels. When considering a recreational table, make sure to focus on tabletop thickness—the thicker the tabletop, the more
accurate the bounce and the higher the durability. Design is also essential. It's crucial to consider the table you buy, not only as a recreational toy but also as a piece of furniture. How will the table look aesthetically? If it's going to be in your home for an extended period, you want a good looking and well-designed table. It should have a look you're comfortable having in the long run.

Outdoor tables are designed for different needs and can withstand water and the elements. Some
manufacturers laminate the tabletops to make them waterproof while others use resins or composite materials that are naturally waterproof. Because the surfaces are different from indoor tables, balls will bounce differently, and play needs to be adjusted. There is no right or wrong way to buy a ping pong table because so much depends on personal preferences and how it will be used.

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