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shani mahadasha ketu antardasha

Posted by talktoastro123 on March 20th, 2020

Saturn Mahadasha is a span of 19 years where one has to face a lot of hurdles in order to achieve their goal. In Vedic Astrology, Saturn signifies to your karma, hard work, your ambitions and limitations. It also signifies to workers, employees and old and handicapped people. 

The hurdles and obstacles a person is facing in this time period is often the outcome of their own karma in this life as well as of the previous life. Saturn is known for providing success in life, but this success doesn't come easily. In order to teach you humbleness and self-consciousness and how to remain grounded even at the peak in life, this planet throws a lot of obstacles to you. All these challenges, in the end, will make you more strong and courageous and give you the will power to fight all the negativity in life.  

Saturn Antardasha In Saturn Mahadasha

People having antardasha during this period will get you a leading position in life. Their reputation in society tends to improve during this course. Your relationship with your life partner will also get better. However, you will have to face a lot of problems and hurdles in your professional life. This can also lead to your sour relationship with your family and siblings. It is suggested to you to control your anger and aggression during this period as these can further harm things in your life. Problems related to the stomach may also rise. Therefore, you need to take care of your health.

Mercury Antardasha In Saturn Mahadasha

The influence of mercury in this dasha will be positive for the person. Their business will start growing. This will help them create a better social status in the society. This phase will make the person more intelligent and wise who can handle all the hurdles in their life. And if you are a professional working in some corporate job, then this phase will bring you achievements in your career too.  Shani mahadasha rahu antardasha

Ketu Antardasha In Saturn Mahadasha

When this position occurs in a person’s horoscope, the chances of them having a foreign trip increases. However, the influence of Ketu will bring a lot of negativity in your life. You may see an increase in your income or profit, but your expenses will increase at the same rate too. This is the effect of your 12th house. Your mental health and strength may decline and heat between you and your family may rise. Therefore, it is suggested that you tackle things patiently and calmly to not worsen things any further. Shani mahadasha Ketu antardasha

Venus Antardasha In Saturn Mahadasha

The influence of Venus will help you gather yourself and put the problems aside. It will give direction to your life and you will finally start finding meaning  to your hurdles and life. This is a time of you to get the comforts in life you have not been receiving. A proper position of Saturn in your life will provide you with a better relationship with your partner and you will enjoy your married life. Your professional life and career will start going better. But, if there is a negative influence of this position, you will have to deal with eye-related problems and fever. 

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