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Posted by ugbootsaleol on March 20th, 2020

Brown sugar is a sucrose sugar product with a distinctive brown color, it looks brown due to the presence of molasses. Brown sugar equally adds sweetness to desserts, baked goods and adds delicious taste to barbecue sauces and other savory dishes.

Brown sugar is the major ingredient in a kitchen and every sweet dish is incomplete without it sometimes while getting halfway through recipe suddenly you realize that you are in short of a brown sugar so at that moment you need not to panic all you need is to try some brown sugar substitute  which are already sitting in your pantry.

Below here are some brown sugar substitutes mentioned below:

  1.       Muscovado sugar:  it is very tasty, healthy and minimally processed sugar the molasses content in the sugar is high due to which its darker in color and strong in taste that’s why it is considered as one of the best brown sugar substitute so when your jar is empty you can try this, muscavado sugar is natural and a healthier option to choose in the form of granulated sugar.
  1.       Coconut sugar: it’s a perfect alternative as brown sugar substitute, it is made from the juice of the flower buds from the coconut palm tree you might have seen these coconut sugar bags in stores as its trending highly these days it is used in bakery dishes also. Coconut sugar is obtained by heating the entire liquid sap and the brown portion left at the end is called coconut sugar it is highly nutritious, contains oxidants and various vitamins which boosts immunity and keeps you healthy.
  1.       Honey: it has been serving as a natural sweetener from decades. Honey is obtained from bees as it is perfectly healthy and beneficial in many ways from medicinal benefits to cosmetic use. Honey is much sweeter than regular table sugar and the oxidants present in them are useful in reducing the intake of sugar also boosts the immune system to fight against cough and cold.
  1.       Stevia: it’s a natural sweetener containing 200 times sweetness than normal brown sugar. It’s a non-nutritive sweetener making it devoid of any calories. Stevia is grown naturally and derived from the leaves of the plant species stevia Rbaudiana it’s known as food additive and dietary supplements.
  1.       Splenda: it is made up of artificial sweetener sucralose which contains 3.3 calories seeking the tag of sugar free product, substitutes many recipe, has no artificial  aftertaste and texture remains same when heated.
  1.       Turbinado Sugar: it’s the most preferred alternative for the brown sugar substitute used for sweetening purposes most commonly used to top hot cereals, baked goods and desserts since the large crystals hold up well to heat, it is partially refined sugar that retains some of the molasses from the sugarcane. It’s less processed option has no nutritional value and always used in moderation.

After choosing the substitute, you may need to make some minor adjustments to your recipe for smooth results.

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