The five stages of Casino fights. Remember the tips to win

Posted by ofa168 on March 20th, 2020

How often does Baccarat make money? Knowing the reasons for losing money can allow gamblers to lose as little as possible, but if you want to eat at the online casino for a long time, you must always win money, or the expensive expenses will inevitably bring you down. After that, I will post one after another to discuss how to make money regularly in the casino. Please be patient.

First analyze the gambling process of the gambler entering the field. The gambling process of each gambler can be roughly divided into the following five situations: 1.) Win all the way; 2.) Win first and then lose; 3.) Win and lose little, repeatedly; 4.) Lose first and then win; 5 .) Lose all the way. Give a rough description of these five situations:

1) Win all the way:

This process makes gamblers most elated and laughs. It means that the gambler encountered a good road from the beginning of the bet after entering the field, and won several games in a row to accumulate a lot of profit. The most obvious feature is “no two consecutive cards.” The subsequent process is also to win more and lose less, so that the amount of money that is won in the hands is naturally more and more, it is really extremely happy. However, in addition to being happy, you must timely adjust your goals for winning or leaving, and know how to lock in profits. For example, after entering the market with 10,000 bets, when you win all the way to 5,000 yuan, you must consider setting a minimum profit target of about 3,000 yuan. Once the profit falls to this goal, you must resolutely leave the field and do not drag the water around. Of course, as the winnings accumulate more and more, the profit target must also be adjusted accordingly. When the minimum profit target is 10,000 yuan, it is adjusted to about 7,000 yuan, and when it reaches 30,000 yuan, it is necessary to lock 20,000 yuan. Profit.

Why keep the profit in mind? Because in the case of winning all the way, the gambler’s gambling is very good, the brain is excited, and the blood is boiling. Each hand of the bet is considered to be a win. The stakes are getting bigger. The ancient teaching had a saying, “It’s extremely joyful.” Since you can win a few games in a row, you will naturally have a chance to lose a few games. The way to lock your profits is to prevent the loss of the game, to prevent gamblers from taking a basket and even return To lose the book.

2) Win first and then lose:

This situation is the most common and unwilling gambler, which means that the gambler wins at the beginning, but unfortunately won not much, and has not yet reached the profit goal originally envisioned in the gambler’s mind, making the gambler unable to leave field. The biggest feature of this situation is: “The gambler’s key bet can’t always win.” The chips won and went up and down a few rounds, and suddenly the gambling operation changed. After losing a few shops, the chips in the hand dropped sharply. Not only did all the profits have been lost, but they also posted a lot of old money, which really made the gambler very Not reconciled. My point of view is that it is better for the gambler to leave the game at this time, take a rest, calm down his emotions, regroup and then enter the fight. Because of this situation, it can be seen that the fortune of the gambler is not heavy enough. At the critical time, the god of wealth refused to help. It’s hard to find a foot in your life. In this case, although some losses have been lost, the big troops have kept it, and they will wait for the next comeback. For example, bring 10,000 gambling into the market, win and lose, and won more than 4,000 at the best. It is still worse than the minimum goal you set. After that, the profit drops back. After a fight, the Not only did the chips not increase, but they were reduced to around 7,000 yuan. At this time, running should be considered, and it is best to leave the field immediately without gambling. Why do you make such a persuasion? Because the gambler’s chips have shrunk from more than 14,000 to 7,000, which has lost more than 7,000 in the middle. It can be clearly seen that the gambler’s gambling luck has turned from bad to good. This At that time, the gambler’s mentality was unwilling, and the betting code was no longer reasonable. When he placed the bet, he became obviously hesitant. He wanted to win and was afraid to lose.

3) The winning and losing is not big, repeatedly:

This situation is generally rare, neither winning three games in a row, nor losing three games in a row. You ca n’t win, you ca n’t win, you ca n’t lose much, you go back and forth dozens of shops, and there is basically no win or loss. For this situation, I usually play around 30 shops, no matter if I win or lose, I will choose to leave. Because if you ca n’t win, it means that your fortune is not ideal, you ca n’t make a long-term attack, and your confidence is hurt. It ’s more appropriate to leave the market when you lose or win, and it is easier to overcome your heart loss. The DC in Macau is open 24 hours a day. Keeping the chips in hand, you are not afraid that you will not have the opportunity to make money.

4) Lose first and then win:

This situation means that the gambler loses at the beginning, and the chips in his hand have been lost to less than half, but then the style turns smooth, and through a steady play, he slowly wins back, not only completely Regain lost ground, but also good profits. In this process, although the gambler played very hard, but eventually turned into a win, it can be considered a very good ending. For example, with a 10,000 betting book, the game was not very smooth at first. Slowly, it has even lost more than half of the chips, leaving three or four thousand. However, afterwards, the fortune improved, and gradually began to win more and lose less, and win back the money lost before a little bit, until the profit appeared, winning two or three thousand. It’s really hard to get such a victory, so we must keep our heads clear and take it when we see it. Don’t forget why, if you do n’t win, do n’t stop. You know that the chips in DC are unlimited, but the gambler’s own gambling is limited. From the remaining three or four thousand to the last two or three thousand, it is equivalent to winning seven or eight thousand with a four thousand stake. This record is already very arrogant. It is good to win. Fortunately, I do n’t want to wait until I finally lose and then regret it. I really heard too many gamblers complaining that they are too greedy to fight, obviously they have recovered the old one and have won, but they just refuse to stop and lose all.

5) Lose all the way:

The last situation is cruel to any gambler. “Losing all the way” means that the gambler has been in a disadvantaged position since entering the bet. Win one and lose two or three. The more chips you have, the more you gamble. Less, there was no decent rebound in the whole process. He couldn’t win money at 9 o’clock, and the other party couldn’t win money at 0. His luck was obviously very bad. 10,000 yuan bet comes into the market, and in the case of losing all the way, it is best to leave without losing bets. Try not to rely on those few chips to make copies, most of them will only make you lose everything, it’s better to spend more than one thousand for dinner, accommodation and shopping. It is true that many people in Macau make dozens of tens of thousands to tens of thousands every day, but such gamblers often hit tens of thousands of bets to the remaining hundreds.

By analyzing the above five situations of the gambler’s online gambling process, we can find that normally, going to DC to kill ten times, at most, only four or five times are losing money, and the other times should be profitable. However, many gamblers entered the market ten times, but were defeated again and again. They were all novices and the most popular gamblers in DC. We must know that the losers have lost time and again. Gamblers lose more and more money, and psychological pressure must increase many times. After losing millions, even if you win back one hundred and eighty thousand, it is hard to resolve the hatred in your heart. However, the more you want to recover the money you lost through one or two gambling, the easier it is to lose again and again, and eventually a frightening vicious circle is formed. In this way, even if gamblers are sitting on billions of assets, they can only end up running or committing suicide.

Final conclusion:

Win all the way to keep fast; win first and then lose; run away; do not win or lose to retreat; lose first then win and cherish; lose all the way to give up.


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