5 Advantages of Studying in European Schools

Posted by Camilla Andersen on March 20th, 2020

Getting secondary education in Switzerland, Austria and Spain is no less prestigious today than in the UK or the USA. With all the advantages of British or American schools, European schools also have some additional advantages.

1. Fluency in 2-3 foreign languages

Graduates of a European school are fluent not only in English, but also in one or several languages ​​of the country of study - German, French, Spanish, Italian.

For example, in Switzerland, four languages ​​are considered official - German, French, Italian and exotic Romansh, so students are required to learn 2-3 foreign languages.

In Spain, training in international high school summer programs takes place in English, but all students must practice Spanish. Pupils of Austrian schools speak German fluently, which means that they can go to universities in Germany or Austria, the cost of which is low.

The advantages of such training are obvious:

  • it is easier for a child to communicate with children from different countries, as well as learn new languages ​​in the future.
  • knowledge of several languages ​​significantly expands the choice of the university, this item will be an important addition to the resume and will have a positive impact on the career.
  • children who constantly speak bilingual cope with multitasking better, since knowledge of several languages ​​significantly improves cognitive, that is, cognitive functions of the brain.
  • According to scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, communicating in more than two languages ​​enhances the flexibility of thinking and improves mental functions, such as screening out unnecessary information and the ability to focus on important details.
  • when learning a foreign language at the native level, there is no need for certification - when entering a university, you do not need to take an exam for knowledge of the language if the student has studied for more than 2 years.

2. The highest quality of education

The level of education in Europe has long been not inferior to the British and American education systems.

So, in Switzerland - a country where the highest standard of living - the standards of education are also high. The best proof of this is the graduate list of some Swiss schools. For example, members of the royal family of Denmark attended Beau Soleil International College. The famous Swiss school Le Rosey graduated from the last shah of Iran, the King of Belgium Albert II, Prince of Monaco Rainier, the children of the royal families of Egypt, Greece, Yugoslavia and Italy.

3. Low cost of training

This is a fact - the cost of education in European schools is noticeably lower than tuition in the UK or in the USA.

As a rule, education in the national language is much more economical, teaching in English is more expensive, but still inferior in value to British schools.

Swiss schools are an exception, but the reason is not related to the quality of education. It's just that Switzerland pays no less attention to comfortable living conditions and the quality of food than to education itself: while in the UK the situation on campuses is pretty spartan, then in many Swiss schools, students live like in a luxury five-star resort.

4. Geographical and cultural proximity

European schools are much closer to Russia than American schools. This means that a 3-hour flight instead of a 9-11-hour flight will allow the child to come home more often on vacation and holidays. This is very important for parents, because it allows you to maintain closer contact with the child and not feel the difference in time.

In addition, European culture, traditions and cuisine are much closer and more familiar to many of us than English or American. Like the European climate, the best European schools boast the most enviable territories: the Alps in Switzerland and Austria, the coast in Spain.

In southern Europe, the sun pleases students more often than in Britain, charging them with energy and good mood. Most of the schools are located in very picturesque places, allowing you to engage in various sports, go hiking, skiing. And food in European schools is much better than, for example, in British boarding houses.

5. Various options for educational programs

The peculiarity of European schools is that most of them offer not only international secondary education programs

Goabbeyroad's consultant will help you choose a country of study and choose a high school for your child. Many years of experience in preparing and entering schoolchildren in European, English and American schools, allows our specialists to give competent advice and achieve outstanding results with parents and children.

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