New Version: Shadowland of WoW

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on March 21st, 2020

As a new version officially announced at Blizzard Carnival in November 2019-World of Warcraft :: Shadowland. Naturally during this time attracted the attention of many players.

The general storyline of the game is mainly because the devastating behavior of Sylvanas Windrunner has ripped the road to death. Azeroth's most determined guardian has been dragged into the darkness that devours everything. The ancient power of death threatens to break the shackles and uncover the reality.

A hidden field full of weirdness and terror, waiting for the brave who dared to go to the other side. The shadow world is the kingdom of the dead, the world in the fissures of the world, maintaining a delicate balance between life and death.

As one of Azeroth's greatest warriors, you have gained the strength to cross the other side, physically and mentally. You must investigate this conspiracy to solve the mystery, help the world's former legends, and find the way back ... or All you will have is death.

The new version opens a whole new world in the game-the shadow world. Five new maps are also included in the shadow world. Players are free to choose the map they are interested in and challenge them. If you can win the war, you can get rich rewards-Buy WOW Classic Gold.

The new main city-Olibers, the immortal city

Olibers was the first place where all souls arrived when entering the shadow realm. At this crossroads, the dead will be tried from indifferent arbiters and then sent to their final destination. The inhabitants of Olibers exchange news and mental energy—this soul thing is both power and money.

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