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Composite Fillings in Edison, Composite Filling Dentist | Dental Cosmetic

Posted by dcmarketing32 on March 21st, 2020

Composite Fillings in Edison

A composite (tooth-colored) filling is a treatment for decayed, cracked, fractured or damaged teeth to bring back its normal shape, strength, function, and color. If you are looking for a clinic for a Composite Fillings in Edison, you are in the right place. To get the best and natural-looking results, composite fillings are matched to the shade of your existing teeth. The damaged portion of the tooth gets removed and filled with the Composite Fillings. The treatment starts with removing the damaged or decayed portion of the tooth, followed by cleaning of the remaining healthy tooth to place the composite filling. The modern composite material allows us minimally invasive dentistry and maintains as much tooth as possible. Composite fillings are also used as cosmetic dentistry as it used for smile makeover by the reshaping and changing the color of the teeth. A composite filling is durable and giving a long-lasting sparkling smile. These composite fillings are long-lasting and durable but not permanent.

Composite Filling Dentist

Composite fillings ensures that the function, health and the beauty of the tooth, remain intact. At the final stage of the process, to prevent early wear and staining, the dentist polishes the composite.Composite Filling Dentist takes one or two sittings to complete the entire process. At first, when composite fillings are placed, it is normal that patients experience sensitivity to cold and hold. There are various types of filling tools that can be used for the process but each has its own advantage and disadvantage. The dentist takes a calculative decision after discussing it with patients and studying the teeth. Nowadays, composite fillings with silver amalgam fillings are widely used because it hardens quickly so it is useful in areas that are difficult to keep dry during placement.

After the process or treatment, our dentist shares the instruction for oral care. The care include healthy eating habits, oral hygiene, regular visits to a dentist to aid life in your new composite filling.

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