7 Best Tips For Your First Date First Date Mistakes

Posted by Findall blogs on March 21st, 2020

7 Best Tips For Your First Date — Yes! yes! Yes! great work buddy, you’ve asked your crush out and they agreed to it. what now? Have you thought this through or were you just busy mentally planning all the songs you’re gonna listen to after their rejection but surprisingly they said yes and now you’re dead in waters. Don’t stress out, FIND ALL BLOGS is arriving at help, with a list of … things you should never ever do on the first date. So, Let’s read First date rules.

Make Sure you don’t make following mistakes on your first date

1. Don’t book a loud and lavish venue


Relax, I know first dates are to impress but you cannot impress someone by making them have dinner in a luxurious restaurant also it might send the wrong message that you are trying to assert dominance over the other person. Another reason you should not choose such a venue is finance not just yours, but the budget of your partner is important as well, maybe they want to split (we’ll come to that later as well) but you’ve gone way far ahead than what they were expecting and now this one date with you is gonna cause them a fortune. Believe it or not, money does play a role subconsciously, and the brain is mostly making those sorts of calculations in the back end. Final reason to not plan a big venue for a first date would be that you don’t know the person well and you both don’t connect that well currently, so a light start at a casual place will help you both come to each other as naturally as you want to be.

TIP: You don’t really have to take the person on a lunch or a dinner date, you can opt to do something unique like take him/her to a concert date or movie. It is totally a personal choice but if you know the person a little bit then you can put some thought into deciding the kind of date you want to take that person to.

2. Do not overdress

This is obvious and goes with our last point but still, how you present yourself is important. You can wear your favorite shirt or even better a new shirt for the date if you like but dude please hold that tuxedo for some other occasion, you don’t need to wear it on the first date in a coffee shop. Girls should dress up in a dress in which they are comfortable instead of dressing according to customs and what people expected you to wear.

3. Eye contact is important but don’t stare.

Every love guru has said it, and it is scientifically a fact that eyes do a lot of talking for us. It is extremely important to read someone’s eyes and to tell them what you think through the same medium. Thousands of poets have written about it, you might want to believe that now. The only advice for you here is that while it is good to maintain an eye contact, don’t just keep looking at her eyes, move your eyes here and there over her face. Have a pleasant look at her, rather than staring at her lifelessly like a scare crow.

4. Ask them questions but don’t interrogate

People love it when other people are interested in them and everybody loves to tell more and more. Even the introverts open up to you if you ask them questions in the right manner and show a genuine interest in them. Asking questions is a great way to know the person and you can find a lot in common to talk about. However, keep in mind while knowing the person don’t make it seem like an interrogation, where you are just shooting questions one after the other and they are responding just for the heck of it. Ask open ended question, you might be able to get the person narrate certain anecdotes from their lives that they rarely share. The more and more they talk and narrate you stories about them, the more is your chance of getting a second and a third date.

5. Do not discuss politics

For heaven’s sake, please don’t. Because nobody ever “discusses” politics, i have only seen people argue over it which is not a positive flag for your first date. Avoid and ignore political and controversial topics at all. You need to be careful at sensitive topics as well, you might be fan of dark humour but don’t just start making rape jokes on the table if you want your date to go any further. Your time will come but not on your special meeting.

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