What are the Software Testing Automation Trends To Look For In 2020?

Posted by cyber success on March 21st, 2020

Automation is bringing changes in many fields and Software testing is no exception for that. The automation using technologies like Artificial intelligence, machine learning, Natural Language processing has been helping the industry for some time and the industries are very interested to implement automation across all the processes they follow.

Incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence into testing will bring help in optimizing QA, easily identifying the high-risk points of an application, optimizing test suites, predicting test configurations, and many other things. Test automation also involves the automatic verification of different codes and processes.

This greatly reduces manual efforts and also saves a great amount of time and money in the long run. This “Hyperly” active automation itself is a trend that is being referred to as “Hyper Automation”.

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Let us understand the different automation trends in software testing field:

IOT test automation

As you know, the Internet Of Things is the system of computing devices, mechanical and other things that communicate over the network with no human-human or human-computer interaction. While it is true that IoT considerably improves the lives of the users, IT also increases the risk and the damage of any small malfunctioning which can cause a great deal of damage that also could be fatal.

This places a lot of responsibility not only on developers but also on testers. Thus, QA and automated testing of the IoT systems will be a major area of focus in 2020 and beyond. Our software testing training in pune will provide IoT specific testing classes for the people who are interested.

Distributed Cloud

As we know, cloud computing is becoming a trend in itself and also increasing the ease of how testing is done. Multiple commercial testing tools like sauce labs, test complete, etc offer to store the automated test cases on the cloud so that they can become a complete package for testing. While there might be a problem with the performance of the test execution because of the cloud being located in a far location, accessing the content from the nearest cloud rather than fixed location should improve the speed and efficiency of hosted test cases and the results obtained from executing them.

The democratization of testing:

While there might be multiple ways in which testing could be democratized, there are two ways in which trend in usage is increasing: one of them is crowd sourced testing and the other is user-friendly automation tools.

Crowd sourced testing is useful as the markets are now global and every product will be released in multiple countries and also to many different areas. So, the number of devices needed for testing is increasing which increases demands for crowd sourced testing.

User-friendly testing refers to the fact that automation in testing makes the testing doable and understandable for people even if they don’t have much knowledge. This makes it possible for team members other than testers including the developers, management and stakeholders to get involved in test automation as needed. Tools like script less testing tools are paving the way for this.

Not only them but there many other trends including the DevTestOps, increasing of security etc


The demand for producing higher quality products in shorter amounts of time have placed a huge responsibility on software testing and how it is done. The field should put good use of new technologies to increase its efficiency. Automation is one such technology that is increasingly being used in testing. Hyper automation including IoT test automation, the democratization of testing, testing with the help of distributed cloud and many others are expected to trend in 2020.

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