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Higher education in India has reached such stage where ideas could reach beyond the imaginable and technologies that would cross the bound of possibilities. Always, the education experience in India surpasses the expectation and this country is one of the pioneers for driving the innovation and bringing positive changes in education sector. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss about different kind of higher education institutes in India. It will include institutions offering distance, formal/traditional, general, technical and professional education. American Music Drama Academy


Do you know that India’s extensive higher education system is attempting to encounter the education system of USA?

As India is undergoing thorough changes throughout the skeletons of its educational structure, there are a few differences between the USA education system and Indian education system. Yet, day by day, India is propelling towards the American system of higher education.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the types of higher education in India.

The discussion will include central universities, public universities as well as state universities.

In addition, the modes of education will be discussed, such as: formal, general, professional, technical as well as value added education.


The UGC or University Grant Commission is the main governing body in India to oversee the traditional, open and distance learning throughout the country. However, the distance learning includes the following:

  • Correspondence course institutions
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University
  • State Open Universities

One of the most important benefits of distance learning is that students could pursue their educational dream staying at home and at the same time, they would be able to earn, as they need not to relocate due to the learning purpose. Furthermore, the flexible schedules and course curriculums allow the students to fit in the classes well enough, as most of the occasion, they are leading a busy lifestyle. It also is helpful to update critical as well as desirable working skills and to increase work efficacy significantly. Besides, distance learning also allows a person to pursue an education from a remote location. Gabriela Mistral Elementary


Generating new values for the people and society, India is offering formal, general, non-formal and informal education. Formal education is that what runs from primary schools to colleges without absence of students in the faculties or schools and the students would have to participate actively and physically in the classes as well as various educational projects. However, there is a difference between state universities and private universities. State universities are capable of establishing their own curriculum and conducting their own entrance exams. On the other hand, the private universities would have to plan according to the guideline of UGC, otherwise, their accreditation will be cancelled. Non-formal and informal education such as open educations are present in various state universities and universities create their own syllabus for the open educations, maintaining a global standard. There are a quite a lot of technical institutions present in India and they are offering technical education meeting the global standard as well.


In India, study of medicine falls in to the category of professional education. Top ranked medical institutes of India are All India Institute of Medical Science, located in the New Delhi and the St. Johns Medical College located in Bangalore.

Aeronautical Engineering, Management and Pharmaceutical studies fall in to the category of technical education. In addition, the engineering is also in the category of technical education. Top-rated aeronautical institutes in India are IIT Mumbai, Bengal Engineering and Science university as well as Amrita Institute of Technology and Science, located in Tamil Nadu.

Number one management school of India is Indian institute of management studies, Bangalore. For pharmaceutical studies, one of the finest universities is Banaras Hindu University, as it has a strong faculty and a potential research development department.

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