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Posted by Bella Flow on March 21st, 2020

If your office needs to be updated, you may want to consider flexible furniture.  This hot new trend is lending a big hand to businesses and companies, as we are finding office personal can be more productive.  In fact, do not be surprised if you ask a furniture installation service what one of the best trends of the year is.  More than likely, they will say look for pieces of furniture that can be used for various purposes.

Modular lounge office furniture is becoming quite popular say furniture installation services.  This furniture has made its way in many offices as it can be configured in many arrangements.  These lounge areas are now very popular places for not only clients of the company, but employees as well.  This allows employees to work on various collaborations in a setting that is comfortable for them.  Thus, more work is done by the employee within the workday.

Modular office furniture is also technically advanced.  There are places to plug in your laptop or charge a cell phone.  This furniture is also very comfortable, as manufacturers realized the need for this.  

Furniture installation services also say that nesting chairs are a huge hit in offices.  These chairs fold up nicely when not in use for easy storage.  While this might not impress you since a folding chair does the same thing, you should know that these chairs are comfortable like a desk chair.  They are ergonomically designed to not only look great but feel great on the body.  You can think of them as being fully functional yet stylish and trendy at the same time!

There are also chairs on the market today that convert from a chair that has a back to a stool.  The chair is easily moved, so it can be moved around the office where ever needed.  There are also ottomans that can easily be moved around for a meeting or to provide an employee with a comfortable space to get some work done.  These ottomans come in various sizes and can be used for both seating and tables.

Many offices have the need for their employees to collaborate on projects.  If your office is large enough, you may be able to afford space for a collaboration center.  These meeting places can be semi-enclosed to divide the space from other work areas.  If you are worried about sound, consider installing treated glass and privacy screens.  

Moving onto desks, if you have ever been told that sitting is not good for you all day long, you need to believe it.  Which is why many offices are going to desks that can be positioned so the employee can either sit or stand.  This is a smart choice on the employer’s end as the employee will be able to get up and stretch out while still being active on their laptop or any other project they are working on.

Flexible furniture is something that all offices could include in their space.  With many variations out there, there is something for every kind of office.  Be sure to hire a professional furniture installation service to help you install the furniture to make your life less chaotic during the transition time of setting up the new office space.

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