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Posted by MichealH Alexander on March 21st, 2020

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A simplified block diagram of a PLC revealed in preceding Fig. It's three significant units/sections.

  1.     Input/Output Modules.
  2.     CPU (Central Processing Units).
  3.     Programmer/Monitor.
  •    The input converts the area signs provided by input devices/sensors into logic-level symbols the PLC's CPU may see.
  •    The Processor Section reads the inputs, Procedures the sign, and prepares the output signals.
  •    The output segment extends the logic level output signals coming from the chip section to elevated level signs and utilized to actuate different output field apparatus.

The programmer/monitor can utilize to go into the consumer's program into memory and also to track the implementation of this program.

The input has a bank of terminals to get physically connecting input devices, such as pushbuttons, limit switches etc. into some PLC. that the function of an input module will be to translate signals from input into a form which the PLC's CPU will comprehend.

The Output module also includes a bank of terminals which connect output devices such as solenoids, motor starters, signalling lamps etc. into some PLC... The part of an output signal module would be to interpret signals from the PLC's CPU to a form which the output device could utilize.

The activities of this I/O section could categorize as:

  •    Conditioning
  •    Isolation
  •    Termination
  •    Indication

A digital system for linking I/O modules to remotely situated I/O apparatus can add if necessary. The correct operating procedure under PLC Control maybe tens of thousands of feet in the CPU and its own I/O modules.

Please read more about PLC hardware NZ & How to Sell Your Surplus NZ with us in the next Article.

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