Step by Step Guide about How to Do Cutback Surfing

Posted by rohny01 on March 22nd, 2020

Many of you might not be aware of the term of cutback surfing during the art of surfing techniques.  Cutback surfing is all about changing your surfing direction by using the rail equipment towards breaking part of the wave (curl).  While you are performing a cutback surfing, you have to rotate your whole body from shoulder to the curl by giving your body a figure of “8”.

For the beginners performing the cutback, surfing is not an easy task at all. Therefore right here we have step by step guide for you to know about how you can do cutback surfing:

Step 1

In the first step, you have to generate the speed and perform the shallow bottom turn.  Before performing the cutback, the surfer has to generate the speed. You need to take a shallow bottom turning point which will give your shoulders a slight angle turn.  In simple terms, while performing the cutback, you have to generate a high-speed range while going into the maneuver.

Step 2

As you reach the wave top, you have to compress yourself down and shift the whole weight at the back foot. This will initially help you to engage your fins and start to swivel back in the curling direction.  Secondly, your left hand will be leaning down towards the wave. You have to open your shoulders and move the chest backward.

Step 3

In the third step just turn your upper body in the direction of the curls. Later on, you have to turn your head towards the direction of curls. Twisting the shoulders and throwing your arms in a backward direction will help you to change the whole direction.

Step 4

Now as you have turned the upper body in the direction of the wave, now it’s time for the legs and hips to follow in the direction of pocket.  As you will approach near the white water, your head will eventually start to turn back in the direction of the shoulder.

Step 5

Your shoulders should be twisted all together as the board will hit the white water. Board will follow you as you will apply some more weight over the toes.

Step 6

Now it’s time to get back in the pocket all over again! This is the point where the wave has been steep and is offering an endless range of possibilities.


Well apart from it, there have been quite a few important and major tips which you need to follow when it comes to performing the cutback surfing.  You need to be careful while you have turned your shoulders and arms and later on it will be followed by legs and hips.  You can drop your hand into the wave and let it be used as the main swiveling point.  As a beginner, it is recommended to perform some training on clean and predictable waves. This will probably help you to have a strong grip over your body and balancing it with the waves.

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