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How to Successfully Adopt New Menu Trends

Posted by EllaWilson on March 22nd, 2020

Some trends are fantastic, others not so much. Take, for instance, keto and vegan diets that have revolutionized healthy eating. On the other hand, gold-coated chicken is not only sustainable but expensive for all parties involved.

Keeping up with the ever-changing restaurant food trends can feel like a roller coaster for restaurant owners and chefs. One day sushi burritos are blowing up the internet, and the next day there is something else. Deciding which trend to jump on and which one to let slide is the tricky part.

Read on to learn a few tips for successfully adopting menu trends that will have a positive impact on your business.

  • Monitor the Pulse of the Industry

    With 77% of the population on social media, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are invaluable to get new information and customer feedback. Search keywords on social media and see what other people are talking about.

    You can also optimize your Google to alert you of specific hashtags like 'restaurant trends.' Following influencer's blogs, magazines, and other trendsetters like food network will also keep you updated on what is happening now and what to expect tomorrow.

  • Test your ideas

    If you have done an excellent job of keeping up with what’s new, you will have too many ideas on your hands. Since it’s not possible to implement everything, it’s essential to test out your top picks. The idea is to bring the product to your clients and then interact with them to hear what they think.

    Do they have recommendations? Do they like it? Involving customers in your product development makes them feel appreciated, and it may drive their decision making to keep coming back.

  • Time it right

    The trick to implementing a new trend successfully is to time it just right. For instance, if a three-bean chili is making waves through the winter period, you can’t introduce it to your clients in summer or fall.

    Introducing something five months after the trend appeared will also not work so well because people have moved on to better things. Keeping up with what is coming up is crucial so you can implement the ideas when they are still hot.

  • Stay true to your brand

    The truth is, there will be new restaurant food trends coming up every other day. Some will make sense for your business, while others will not. For successful implementation, you have to pick a trend that matches your brand.

    Mega-pack milkshakes may be the most searched item right now, but it won’t make sense for a high-end restaurant. However, a keto product and gold-coated chicken on Wednesdays will be more than welcome for well-off clients.

When adopting new restaurant trends, it would help to differentiate between fads and trends. A trend is likely to give you value for money while a fad will be over before it even begins. Consider its longevity, affordability, large scale implication, and suitability for your brand. If you run ahead of the curve and do your job right, new food trends can really pay off.

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