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Posted by Arogya Yoga School on March 22nd, 2020

In today's time, we have become so busy that our own lifestyle has completely deteriorated. Because of which you have many diseases. Because of which you start going round to the doctor. If you want to be healthy both physically and mentally, then you can keep yourself healthy by taking a little time out of your busy time. Do yoga daily during this time. It is said that a little exercise or jogging in the morning can be very beneficial for your health. There are many benefits of doing yoga. By doing regular yoga, you strengthen your heart and memory. The best thing is that yoga brings positive energy to your brain. So, these 3 yoga asanas should be done every morning. So that you do not have any problem in the body. Learn about these yoga asanas.

Bhujangasana By this asana, not only the fat of the stomach is reduced, but the muscles of the arms, waist and abdomen are strengthened and the body
becomes flexible. Before performing this Yogasana, lie flat on the abdomen and keep both hands under the forehead. Keep the toes of both feet together. Now raise the forehead and keep both arms parallel to the shoulders so that the weight of the body falls on the arms. Now lift the front of the body with the help of arms. Stretch the body and take a long breath. After staying in this position for a few seconds, lie back on your stomach.

Kapalbhati Pranayama
There are many benefits of doing yoga in the beginning Kapalbharti. By doing this, it is beneficial in obesity, respiratory disease, in digestion, skin disease, hair problem. If you want to get rid of hospitals and medicines, you should do this yoga.

Anulom-Antonyms Pranayama
This is such a yoga that by doing this, you will get benefit from such serious diseases, which people are most upset today. By regularizing it, there is benefit in problems like BP, asthma, colds, sinus, diabetes. Therefore, adopt this yoga and make life enjoyable.

Bhramari pranayama
In everyday life, if you get tired by doing this then you are bound to have such problem. By doing this, problems like headache, tension, stress, sleepiness, thyroid are removed. Concentration increases. Therefore, do this yoga.

Ujjayi breath
Along with the outer part of your body, your body part should also be very healthy. This makes the langs stronger. Blood circulation is normal. There is benefit in asthma. Body detox occurs. You can benefit greatly by adopting this yoga.

If you have a bad stomach, then you are afraid of drinking some food, so keep in mind that you have to do this yoga. It provides benefit in constipation acidity, urin and stomach problem. Genital organisms remain healthy. Because your digestive system must be fine to be healthy.

Balasan Balasana is a good asana for those who have started yoga. This also reduces abdominal fat and strengthens muscles. Pregnant women or people suffering from knee disease do not do it. First of all, sit on the ground on the knees, so that the entire body is on the ankles. Take a deep breath and lean forward. Your chest should touch the thighs and try to touch the floor with the forehead. After remaining in this state for a few seconds, return to the same state while exhaling.

Paschimottanasan By this posture, we smooth our digestive system by smoothing the surrounding parts of the stomach (kidney, liver, pancreas). This asana action puts pressure on your stomach, which has a direct effect on abdominal fat. If your stomach has come out too much, then by doing this asana regularly you can see a lot of effect. It also ends back pain. For this posture, lie back on the mat and sit with your feet in line. Make sure that the feet are firmly placed on the ground. Now while breathing, raise both your hands upwards and keep the spine straight. While exhaling, lean forward while moving the stomach inward. Vinyasa posture Configuration yoga is a good choice for pumping blood and breathing in the lungs. It gives you freshness and energy. During this asana, your tired body gets rest due to the special breathing technique. To do this posture properly, start with the mountain. During this, keep breathing normal and after coming in the posture, inhale deeply five times and release. To do mountain posture, lie flat on the ground. Now, with the help of the arm, lift the buttock and waist part up and keep the head in the direction of the ground. During this time, the body is like a mountain.

Now bring the lower body to the ground and elevate the front. Give all the weight of the body to the hands and try to stretch the front part as much as possible. In this state, take deep breaths five times. This will be called the state of Bhujangasana.

Keep the process of sleep and hormones right
If you practice Yogasan every morning then it keeps your sleep process right.
It exerts a positive effect on the endocrine system in the body.
Because of which it also keeps the hormone easily by balancing.
It regulates the melatonin, a hormone that induces sleep in the body.

Now bring the face down and keep the body on the palm and claw at a distance from the ground and inhale deeply for five times. Just like they do in Planck. This will be called Kumbhak posture. After this, come again in the posture of monasticism and repeat this cycle.

Keeps healthy
It has been proved in a study that people who get up early in the morning to exercise are more healthy.
These people also do not get tired more than other people and they feel fresh all day.
You should do your yoga postures before 8 am.

Increases metabolism
Metabolism increases in the body by doing yoga in the morning daily.
It also keeps your digestive system healthy.
Fat decreases quickly due to increase in metabolism in the body.
If you do yoga in the morning, then the fat of the stomach also decreases very quickly.
Also, by doing yoga in the morning, your body gets energy for the whole day.

Keeps away from laziness
When you do yoga in the morning, it provides good stretching to your body.
Due to this stretching, you can keep yourself away from laziness throughout the day.
Also you are able to do your tasks quickly.

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