Research report covers the Wine Mixes Market Forecasts and Growth, 2019-2027

Posted by Amy on March 23rd, 2020

Market Outlook

Wine mixes are the ingredients used in the making of wine. These ingredients are considered important in order to make a wine taste good. Some of the wine mixes that the companies are using in winemaking include Potassium Sorbate, Calcium Carbonate, Sulfur Dioxide, grape juice concentrate, flavors, and powdered tannins. These ingredients are essential to prevent organisms from spoiling the wine. The European countries are playing a lead role in the wine mixes market as wine is a part of their culture and diet. But, there is a significant rise in the consumption and production of wine in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and North American countries as well, which has rendered a huge platform to manufacturers and suppliers of wine mixes. Some of the major players in the wine mixes market include GILAN FOOD, BASF Corporation, Flavor Producers LLC, and GFS Chemicals, Inc.

Increased Demand for Wine is Driving the Wine Mixes Market

Wine mixes have numerous applications in winemaking. Potassium Sorbate and Potassium Metabisulfite both help in protecting the wine from bacteria and from spoiling of the yeast, also these two help to improve the fermentation process. Calcium Carbonate is very necessary for reducing the acidity of the product. Sulfur Dioxide is required to prevent oxidation and also preserves wine. To make the color of wine more intense grape juice concentrates are very essential. Sugar is an important ingredient to increase the overall alcohol content in the wine. Many flavors are used to make flavored wines. Some of the key driving factors of the wine mixes market are the increase in the demand for wine across the globe, change in the lifestyles amongst people, increasing popularity of wine in parties and social celebrations. The wine mixes market is having a direct impact because of increased competition amongst new entrant countries and their competitive pricing in the winemaking. Though, the availability of substitutes of wine could have a direct impact on the wine mixes market.

Global Wine Mixes Market: Key Players

Some of the key global manufacturers of wine mixes are Omya AG, T.B. Fruit, Asiamerica Group, Inc., GILAN FOOD, BASF Corporation, Flavor Producers LLC, GFS Chemicals, Inc., Alfa Chem, TRInternational, Inc., and Kinequip, Inc. Some of the suppliers of wine mixes include Praxair Technology, Inc., Parchem fine & specialty Chemicals, and WEGO CHEMICAL GROUP.

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Opportunities for Market Participants

Wine mixes market is gaining a lot of appeal by the manufacturers of wine mixes across the globe. The demand for wine is increasing rapidly. Consumers are demanding more flavors and mixes in wine due to which companies are spending a huge amount of money on innovation. As a consequence of this, there is an immense opportunity in the wine mixes market across the globe. The players in the wine mixes market have a huge market in the new entrant countries including but not limited to Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa, and Chile. Additionally, the countries such as Italy, France, and Germany are inclining towards specialized winemaking which again provides a huge opportunity to the manufacturers of wine mixes. Consumers across the globe are ready to pay any amount of money for the best wine, which gives manufacturers of wine mixes a huge scope in the market. Additionally, wine mixes have a range of uses in the food & beverages industry which is also attracting the manufacturers to enter into the wine mixes market. The numerous applications of wine mixes provide existing and entering manufacturers to not only cater to the winemaking market but also to the rest of the food & beverages industry. The rapid economic growth and changes in the social environment are also making a huge impact on the wine mixes market.

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