How to extend the life of military boots

Posted by sere on March 23rd, 2020

A pair of military boots leather shoes, under the premise of a certain manufacturing quality, good maintenance and correct wearing can extend its life several times, which is of great economic significance. To make leather shoes have a long service life, the following points should be done:

(1) To prevent being scratched by sharp objects, you need to pay more attention during wearing and using.

(2) Avoid encounters with high temperatures. Do not roast over fire or expose to strong sunlight.

(3) Strengthen maintenance. It is necessary to frequently remove the dirt on the shoe upper, apply shoe polish, try to avoid encounter with water, and prevent mold from growing during storage.

(4) Let the shoes have a certain interval of rest. Leather shoes, like people, need rest. It is best to have a few pairs of leather shoes on wheels for wear, so that the leather shoes have a certain interval of rest time. This will make them less damaged and help the deformed leather shoes to return to their original state.

(5) Light-colored leather shoes should pay attention to anti-fouling. Because light-colored leather shoes are dirty, it is difficult to restore them to their original colors.

(6) The correct way to care for advanced leather shoes:

First use a soft cloth or shoe brush to remove dirt from military boots and leather shoes, and then wipe it with the same color shoe cream or shoe polish. Do not use corrosive cleaners. It is not suitable to wear the same pair of shoes for a long time. No matter how you like it, you should give it a proper time to rest. Because the strongman series of high-end military boots leather shoes are made of natural leather and have similar characteristics to the skin, the leather shoes are replaced after 2-3 days, allowing the swollen leather fibers to shrink back to restoring and stretch creases. moisture. If the shoes are accidentally wetted by water, they should be dried in a cool and ventilated place. They should not be exposed to the sun, nor should they be dried or dried under a strong hair dryer, which will cause the shoes to warp and deform and the leather surface to burst. Leather shoes that are not to be worn for the time being should be filled with an appropriate amount of soft paper balls to prevent deformation of the shoes. Then put it in a shoe bag or shoe box and store it in a dry and ventilated place. It is best to put some moisture-proof beads to prevent mold and wrinkles in a humid environment. Avoid severe damage to the cortex with acidic and alkaline chemicals. As long as you master the above points, it will definitely increase the life of your strongman advanced military boots leather shoes, as long as new, make you more confident and charming!                 

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