How Do You Go Through A Drive Through Car Wash?

Posted by Top Gear Car Wash on March 23rd, 2020

When you are looking for a drive through car wash, you want speed, convenience, and a good wash. So, if you are wondering, if there is a car wash near me that is drive through then the answer is, yes! There is an excellent automatic car wash at Top Gear Car Wash at 1796 120 Avenue NE, Calgary.

How Good Is Our Drive Through Car Wash?

You are going to use an automatic tunnel car wash Calgary machine because it is convenient and the price is fair (). But, how good is the car wash? The answer is that the automatic car wash you get at Top Gear Car Wash is pretty darn good! Here is why.

Touchless, Soft Foam Automatic Car Wash

Our drive through car wash combines a soft foam wash with a touchless wash. In three minutes you will have your car foamed, washed, and dried. Drop by, spend a few dollars and a few minutes and leave with a washed, shiny-clean vehicle. How can this happen?

Why an Automatic Car Wash Is Better than Washing Your Car at Home

When you use brushes and sponges to wash your car in the driveway at home, you can scratch the paint to as much as 10% of its thickness. If you are excessively diligent in washing your car at home you could, in theory, remove the paint! With an automatic tunnel car wash machine, soft foam covers your car first of all.

This high-pressure “pre-clean” removes road contaminants and built up dirt. The solution sprayed on your car contains non-acidic shampoos and a Neoprene cleaning material. This solution and the correct amount of water pressure create a barrier between the finish of your car and the cleaning foam that is removing the dirt. The end result is effective cleaning without the accumulated scratches of brushes and sponges. This approach is the automatic car wash industry standard cleaning system.

Our Automatic Car Wash Is Computerized Too

Computerized use of top of the line cleaning solutions guarantees the best drive through car wash. The touchless car wash approach works the best with a computerized method for applying high-quality cleaners, the right water pressure, correct water temperatures (hot and cold), the correct angles of application of spray, and the correct timing of all aspects of the automatic car wash. The end result is excellent cleaning and a residue-free automobile.

To top off your car’s trip through the automatic tunnel car wash machine, the applied cleaning agents leave your car with a bright sheen as through you had just waxed your car as well!

Best Cleaning Products for the Best Automatic Car Wash

At Top Gear Car Wash we use only the best products you give you the best wash.

Durashield Plus gives you total car protection after the wash. It bonds to the surface and lasts longer to protect the paint finish against UV rays, acid rain, hard water spots, and even bird droppings! We use this high-end product to give your car a soft and shiny surface.

Rhino Guard gives you wheel protection using Body Armour technology to bond to the wheels and prevent buildup of brake dust. It helps keep your while shiny and clean.

Rain X for Wheels is another surface protectant that creates a water-repellent layer over all of your vehicle’s exterior surface. It protects paint, glass, plastics, and trim. Treat your auto with Rain X Complete and tiny, microscopic irregularities on the surfaces are leveled out. Makes water bead up and run off more easily and greatly improves the shine of your car.

Turtle Wax has been around for a long time and has stood the test of time. We use this tri-color foaming polish with its cherry-berry scent to give your car a truly lasting shine.

What All Do You Get with a Drive Through Car Wash?

At many car wash establishments, a car wash is a car wash. This is not the case at Wand wash near me. Our most basic Soft Foam, Drift car wash for only gives you a pre-rinse, presoak, rim and tire soak, soft foam brush, rinse Dura Shield application, spot free rinse and drying for an excellent drive through car wash. The Drift Package+ adds an undercarriage wash, rust inhibitor, tri-foam polish and carnauba wax for . But, if you would like a little more, we have those automatic car wash services as well.

The Touchless, Turbo wash gives you a two-step presoak, rim and tire soak, bug soak, high pressure wash, Dura Shield application, rinse and dry or only . The Turbo+ package adds the undercarriage wash, inhibitor, tri-foam polish, and carnauba wax for .

With the Combination Nitro wash there is an undercarriage wash, double pre-rinse, presoak, rim and tire soak, bug soak, soft foam brush, high pressure interior wash, rust inhibitor application, tri-foam polish, carnauba wax, rinse and dry for just . Nitro package + adds an extra pre-soak plus Rain X, Rain X for Wheels, and the Fire Red Hot Lava shine for .

The point of this discussion is to show that a drive through car wash can be convenient, brief, cost-effective, and produce a great car wash. When you come to Top Gear Car Wash you come to someone who takes care of your vehicle. If your preference is the drive through car wash Calgary needs for its severe winters, you have come to the right place with Top Gear. If you want a hand car wash, we have 14 bays, the same excellent cleaning products, and the place for you to do your own wash. Due to numerous requests from our regular car wash patrons in Calgary, we are now offering monthly car wash pass as well. On the other hand, if your car has gone past the point where a good wash makes you car look perfect, we do car detailing as well. We even apply ceramic coating paint protection to keep your car looking showroom new!

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