World Environment Day

Posted by Hope Peterson on March 23rd, 2020

Science has proved Earth is only planet to live, out of 9 of Solar system. It has an environment needed to remain alive. It has given us food and all the important things required for life.

Blue sky covers the earth with various kinds of birds flying. Water in the rivers is flowing from high altitude mountains through deep oceans. Mother Nature has provided everything to men.

Huge trees in dense forests produce fresh air to breathe in and different animals in the forest help to balance this ecosystem.

This is Environment, important for us to stay alive, it is to be balanced.

Growth of civilizations and industrial revolution has disrupted all the balance among the environment.

History:  ‘World Environment Day?’

United Nation Organization (UNO), international organization for mankind called all the nations to save this earth by conserving our environment.

At the beginning, it was designed in form of United Nations Environment Programme, started on June 5, 1972. On the same day the first Environment Conference was organized in Stockholm.

Later in 1974, UNO planned to celebrate World Environment Day. The goal of this day is to enhance awareness globally and plans to protection of environment.

From 1974, till now, it is now a universal platform for public outreach, comprehensively celebrated globally with a specific theme.

On this day, everyone is independent to do something to save our environment, at an individual level, community level or international level.

World environment dsay is hosted by a particular country every year. Officials’ activities are organized in host country.

Host country highlights on the global efforts and environment challenges to support the nations.

World Environment Day2020

This year Germany is going to host the day accompanied by Columbia on 5th June 2020.  It is going to be celebrated through 100 countries. This year the theme for Worlds Environment day is “Biodiversity”.

Columbia is the land with large biodiversity. It alone possesses more than 10 percent of total world’s biodiversity. Due to participation in Amazon, it is the topmost in birds and second most in butterflies, water species and floras.

According to Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development of Colombia, Ricardo Lozano, about one million of species and fauna on the earth are close to extinct or facing extinction. There has never been more critical time to focus on problems on diversities.

Tgis year is a hard and tough time for nations to meet the challenges for preserve, conserve and protect biodiversity.

In a report, it has been stated nearly 98% of species are going to extinct. 

Columbia is going to celebrate World Environment Day 2020, to share the problems and to discuss about the solutions with the other nations.

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