How Mobile Apps are More Beneficial Than Ecommerce Websites

Posted by Stephen Foster on March 23rd, 2020

Technology empowers businesses to build an enviable brand reputation. Be it developing unique responsive websites, or custom mobile apps, businesses need to gain maximum leverage from the advanced and sophisticated software tools. With the increasing usage of smartphones and hundreds of apps available in the play store, mobile apps prove to be more beneficial for businesses. Several studies and surveys done by MobileSmith and Oracle have proved that over 60 % of users prefer to purchase their desired products from mobile apps than the responsive websites of e-Commerce stores.

No wonder, custom mobile apps development proves to be more beneficial for e-Commerce businesses to help them engage more clients, boost their sales and profits, and gain a much-needed competitive edge. Here is a checklist of some important ways in which mobile apps provide more advantages to businesses than websites.

  • Faster and More Interactive Engagement
    Mobile apps provide a robust platform that facilitates people to get data or make purchase orders much faster than mobi-sites. Apps provide round-the-clock accessibility and offer users a deeply immersive interface with two-way communication. Customers can not only buy the desired products but also share an image of the products they have bought to their friends and provide valuable feedback to the businesses. This will help them gain valuable insights and thus boost productivity and profits.
  • Empowers to Offer Personalized Content
    Customers love content based on their needs and preferences. Mobile apps help you track or observe customers’ interests, location, behavior, and culture and enable you to provide custom updates and filter choices. People feel delighted to have this awesome experience, and apps facilitate them to make choices easily as per their pocket and preferences.
  • Push Notifications and Instant Updates
    Besides this, one of the most important advantages is that with mobile apps, businesses can send non-intrusive updates and notifications to their customers. This helps them keep updated on the latest product listings, new features, and promotional launches. This streamlines your product promotion and leads to increased sales and profits.
  • Boost Productivity and Reduces Marketing Cost
    Mobile apps facilitate seamless communication between your vendors, customers, and employees as using this platform, they can resolve queries of customers, gain their valuable feedback, and train vendors about product and users’ behavior. This increases productivity by 20-40%.
    Besides this, your customers using your social media links can easily spread the message, share their experiences with others that would enhance brand awareness without any additional cost. Thus, custom mobile apps development reduces your marketing cost and saves revenue.
  • Optimize Page Rank of Your Website
    Getting a higher page rank for your website to be visible on the top five to ten positions on the first page of major search engines is very important. With the repetition of synonymous words in your website and in-app content, and Google now ranking app content, with slight modification in the app content, you can get increased SEO rank for your site.

Besides this, using SEO tricks and success metrics will help you optimize your mobile application on corresponding app stores. With more and more users spending a considerable amount of time on apps, this will ensure that your customers find your business first than that of your competitors.

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