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Posted by Las Vegas on August 13th, 2010

Las Vegas is an amazing city and if you haven?t visited it yet because of money concerns think twice. Traveling to Las Vegas and having a good time there doesn?t mean you have to break the bank. By picking the right time of year to travel, you could score airline tickets as low as $40 (one-way) and hotel room rates as low as $20 per night! No kidding, it is possible to book a Monday-Friday Las Vegas vacation for as little as $180 for one person or $260 for two!

Some things to remember when booking your first trip:

?         Wait for the best deals. Like any other travel destination, Las Vegas has it peak times and slow times. You want to visit during the latter to get the most bang for your buck. Besides that, how much time do you actually plan on spending outside of the hotel/casino?s during your trip? Not much. Booking your trips between May and August may yield you the least expensive rates.

?         Book your trip last minute. This may sound contradictory to anything you have previously heard, but booking your trip last minute when the casinos are trying to fill up and the airlines are trying to book their flights might offer you the lowest airfare and lowest hotel room rates.

?         Get a package deal. Packing your hotel room, flight and rental car could save you more money, so keep this into consideration.

?         Checking Out. What many people don?t know is that when you check out of your hotel, you are not required to leave. Your hotel may hold your bags for up to 24 hours while you stretch your vacation without having to pay for an additional nights stay.

?         Unless you are planning on visiting the Hoover Dam or Grand Canyon, you probably will not need a rental car. Besides that, most people would prefer to avoid driving while in Las Vegas. Though driving is manageable, if you do not know your way around the city or have a good GPS, you might find yourself making wrong turns and being frustrated by traffic. A better alternative, Las Vegas offers a bus-line (The Duece and the Ace) that travels up and down the strip ($15 for a 3 day pass) which is generally a fast means of travel during the day and maybe best avoided by night. If the busses are packed you might save yourself an hour of frustrating travel by grabbing a $10-$15 cab to get to the other end of the strip. Still cheaper than a rental car.

?         Book your trip during the work week. You will find yourself getting better deals on hotel rooms and better deals on flights.

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