How to Create a Piano Room

Posted by Bella Flow on March 23rd, 2020

A piano is truly a great musical instrument to not only play but to own.  This is why if you do own one, you really need to create a room that is dedicated to it.  Here we will provide tips from a piano moving service on how to create the perfect piano room.

Piano moving services say that you first need to find a room where the piano will fit in.  Not any room will do.  There needs to be an atmosphere that welcomes the piano.  The ambiance should reflect the greatness of the musical instrument.  Consider the kind of mood you want to create.  If you want a bright and cheery room, consider a sunny yellow.  Adding fresh flowers with a couch and pillows will add to this.  Candles will make the room bright, reflecting on the glorious instrument.  You may decide that you wish for a darker room.  In this case, dark purple is a majestic choice for a piano. A candelabra or chandelier will look great in this room.  Consider plush velvet for window treatments.

Another good idea is to add accents that will look amazing next to your piano.  Perhaps you will choose a simple picture frame.  Or maybe you will decide to frame some pictures of you playing the piano and make a wall collage.  You could also frame your favorite song.  You should know that using irregularly shaped objects to decorate with will diffuse hard reflections better than regular-shaped objects.

One may also want to look at how you will be using your space.  If you will be doing piano lessons, you will certainly want to decorate differently than if you were hosting several musical parties for adults.  

No matter where you decide to put your beloved musical instrument, take into consideration the humidity in that room.  As pianos are constructed of natural wood, you will want to be sure the climate in the room is correct.  You should never place your piano close to any HVAC vents, nor should it be placed near a window.  It is also a good idea to keep the piano away from rooms such as the kitchen.  

When deciding the room where your piano will go, look at the room’s acoustics as well.  This could be a wise choice.  Rooms that are too small may make your music sound muddy or overbearing.  It may even be described as harsh.  On the opposite end, a room too large can make the instrument sound like it has no energy.  You may wish to follow the rule of having the walls total length be 10 times the length of a grand piano if you are doing solo playing.  If you have a group playing, it should be 15 times the length.  And if you do not wish to deaden the sound, avoid using drapes or furniture that is heavy.

No matter what type of room you decide to create, always consider having a piano moving service assist you in the matter.  Especially if you own a large instrument like a grand piano.  Once you have moved the piano and set up the room, it may be the most inviting spot in your entire house for family and friends to gather.

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