POE Update 3.10 guides players into the new world

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on March 24th, 2020

"The road to exile, is a follow" free play "pattern of free action and role-playing games, can provide similar to diablo for players to experience, in this kind of experience, we must choose between role categories, and then make it in any place we want to development, at the same time in the face of tribes, game the enemy in the dungeon.

Among them, the release of the latest patch has been officially logged in on each platform, and the size of the patch will be different for clients with persistent complaints. Here is a reminder that the latest version of the patch has been upgraded to 3.10.0d.

Road to exile update 3.10.0 (1.40), can use Delirium challenge league Standard, Hardcore and Solo self-found and other different versions. They have the same core mechanisms and projects. Players can also create personalized versions of the league by using a more quemann MOD. The specific difficulty level is also up to the player to choose, of course, different difficulty level will also bring different POE Items.

Added a new intelligence gem - astrologer: when activated, reserve mana for each associated spell and trigger these spells by waving your wand at the end of your attack.

Added a new agility gem - blaster: detonate the blade in the target position. This explosion will spread to the ethereal blade, blade vortex or blade falling leaves.

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Added to this banish path patch is a new intellectual gem - kinetic bolt: fire a deflected wand attack, and periodically release additional rounds.

Added a new intelligence ability Buy POE Items- storm: places runes on the ground and grows with your guidance. When runes slow down, enemies crossing the runes will do damage when they detonate with the rune explosion ability. Runes can be upgraded by using the rune shockwave. When the rune shock wave is released, the rune explodes.

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