The Best Way to Store Spare Metal Alloy Wheels

Posted by hw on March 24th, 2020

Spare wheels are very important because they can conveniently save you on a bad day. But then, there is nothing as disappointing as having a flat tire and getting your spare wheel only to realize that it has got a puncture. The questions that come onto your mind are "From where did the puncture come? Did I buy the tire with an already existing puncture?" The answer is one; you stored your spare wheel in a wrong way and in the process it acquired the puncture.

It is therefore vital to know how to store your spare wheel so that it may remain in good shape until a need to use it arises. Here are some effective storage ways for your car wheels:

Clean the wheel

Anytime you buy a spare metal alloy wheel, the first thing you need to do is wash it. This is essential in ensuring that it is clean before you store it. Cleaning it also helps you point out any defects it might be having. It is during cleaning that you also inspect it to ensure that it is in good shape; that is, to ascertain that it has no punctures. Once it is clean, leave it to dry or dry it with a help of a towel.


After the cleaning process, you should look for a cool, dark and dry place especially where there is circulation of clean air. Basements are most preferred because they have constant temperatures and tend to be cooler than other areas. But still, any place with the above specifications is applicable.

-The place should be far from any machinery which can emit ozone air like generators. Ozone causes cracking of tires around the sidewalls. It weakens the sidewalls thereby causing early wearing away of the tires.

Avoid surfaces with petroleum. Petroleum products weaken tires therefore, exposing them to early aging too.

Place the wheels on a dry wooden surface. This is if you are placing them horizontally. The wheels should be placed on a wooden surface and not on the ground. You can get timber and make a wooden surface just above the ground. If you are to pile wheels together, they should not go beyond 3ft. This is to avoid too much stress and pressure on each other which may damage the tire.

-However, it is most advisable to place them in a vertical position. This ensures that there is no pressure or stress on each other.

-The mounted position on top of wood ensures that the metal alloy wheel does not absorb any moisture from the ground which might as well cause rusting.

Storage bags

If you are not sure of the best place to store your spare wheels, you can buy them storage bags. These are made of polyethylene material and have zips which when tightly zipped will ensure that no moisture, oxygen or ozone can enter the bag. This ensures that your metal Alloy spare wheels will keep as good as you stored them when the time to use them comes.

Remember to always ensure that your tires are inflated to 10psi if they are stored while mounted on other wheels.

If you follow these guidelines, your wheels will always be in good shape whenever you need to use them. Avoid disappointment and frustration by storing your wheels properly.

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