3 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up Dog Waste

Posted by No Vacancy on March 24th, 2020

Picking up after your dog pooped is an important task that is part of responsible pet ownership. If you aren't following the rules of a clean society and leave un-scooped dog waste, there is a DNA dog waste management company that will help find the owner of the dog, and you may be subject to a fine. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should pick up after your dog has pooped:

They smell

Many things can ruin your day, but stepping in a pile of poop is high on the list. Not many things are more unpleasant than getting in the car, and blasting the heat, only to discover a terrible odor coming from the floorboards. When you take your pet outside, you aregenerally in apublic shared space. Pet ownersshould ensure that they pick up the waste as no one likes a messy shoe and a stinky car.

Dog poop possesses disease-causing bacteria and parasites

Nitrogen and phosphorus aren’t the only things that dog poop has. Thesebacteria and parasites are considered harmful to humans and can spread diseases to other dogs. If you don’t scoop your dog's poop, you are putting other people and other dogs in jeopardy of getting sick. So make sure you are a responsible pet owner, otherwise, you may be caught with the help of a DNA dog waste management company.

It's not just poop or natural

A common mistake, or excuse people give, is that poop is a natural fertilizer. However, this is not true. Not all piles of waste are created equal. If that were the case, we would probably have to invest so much in sewage treatment of our own waste. Cow dung has a very different make-up from dog waste because their digestive systems and diets are very different. Cows are herbivores, whereas dogs are omnivores, and their diets are very high in protein. Dog poop is in fact very high in nitrogen and phosphorus that it can have the adverse effect of fertilizer. It can also burn your lawn if you don’t pick it up and all sorts of issues for local watersheds.

It is important to be a responsible dog owner. The DNA dog waste managementprogramhelps find the culprit who leaves un-scooped dog poop and also help otherowners prevent accusations.


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