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Sales people are heavily affected by external factors every day. They might get rejections from customers over and over again. Getting an order closed requires consistent efforts. In order to achieve these goals, a salesperson must constantly stay in high spirits to keep chasing the order.

To maintain consistency of follow-up and rigor one needs to be highly motivated and purpose oriented. Therefore, one of the key challenges in front of all the sales managers is to keep their team members motivated apart from keeping on building their skills and providing them support in the field. 

There are various Sales Training Companies across the world that have developed and tested over time various Sales Growth Strategies to help Sales Organizations and Sales People highly motivated and provided them training to boost their sales as well as their morale.

Sales managers adapt various tactics to keep their team members highly motivated at all times. Motivation of the sales team has a direct effect on the productivity and culture of the entire workforce. Many sales organizations have a Sales and Business Coach, and in some cases a Sales Trainer, to help keep the motivation of the sales people high at all times.

Make them part of the purpose - the mission of the organization: 

Apart from the revenue goals if the purpose of the organization is big, if, ‘what organization is contributing to the market place is big enough to excite the team members they definitely get motivated. Every salesperson wants to work for an organization that is big and has a big vision and mission. People want to see themselves to be part of a big organization. 

Being a part of a bigger organization or bigger purpose gives them a purpose in life as well. Most people look for recognition from society, their peers, their family and relatives. It gives them a sense of accomplishment, recognition, approval and at times also makes them stand out of the crowd.

The sales leaders want to see themselves as part of future-oriented organizations. They want to feel that they are contributing to a big cause. They want their role to get appreciated as part of a big achievement.  In society, everyone has a need to belong. And all salespeople want to belong to an organization that is contributing effectively to make customer life happier. Salespeople want to work for an organization where customers are happy, satisfied and talk positively about the organization. 

Sales leaders must frequently communicate the mission of the organization. They should also communicate how the organization is moving toward achieving its vision. The business leaders keep in touch with customers and keep taking their feedback from time to time. The positive feedback from customers leads to a high level of motivation for salespeople. 

Recognize; Recognize and recognize: Salespeople are highly results-oriented. Results come only after consistent efforts. Achieving a sales goal during a quarter or a month is a big achievement for the entire organization. Appreciation leads to recognition. Recognition of efforts and results motivates every salesperson. 

Socially we are all hardwired to receive the appreciation. Appreciation gives us recognition. An act of recognition makes the salesperson stand out of the crowd.  Everyone feels good after getting the appreciation for his efforts. Everyone is chasing recognition.  People can do anything to get their efforts recognized. So sales leaders do not leave any opportunity to appreciate and recognize their team members for their big and small results. 

What all can be appreciated? Sales leaders appreciate the results, efforts, and behaviors of team members. You can appreciate the calls done, appointment fixed, meeting done, follow up calls done or order closed. You can even appreciate an order coming from existing customers, repeat sales or new customers added by the team member. 

Appreciation and recognition can be as simple as clapping even candy can also be given as a token of appreciation. Appreciation can be a gift or even a monetary benefit. Organizations use a leaderboard for appreciation. A mail circulation can also be a very good way of appreciation. These days a lot of organizations offer shopping vouchers, Netflix vouchers or movie passes to its sales people as an accolade for their performance.

Leaders have to ensure that appreciation and recognition must be objective, unbiased and timely. If appreciation is delayed it does not serve a much-desired purpose. So, for motivating a sales team recognize, recognize and recognize. 

It is extremely important to engage your sales team into the bigger goal of the organization to make them committed to your purpose. As well, it is important to recognize their efforts and frequently reward them for their efforts and achievements. Doing so might also help sales manager in avoiding burnout among sales people or, it might warn them of potential future burnout among sales people.


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He is the founder of Prime Performance Solutions. He is among the Best Business Coach and Sales Trainer and Motivational Speaker in India. Many have recommended him as the best business coach in India.

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