Secure Your Dot Net Application Development With Best Techniques

Posted by aniket vichare on March 24th, 2020

When you recruit a company for software solutions, it is important to choose the right provider that shows interest in all kinds of safety and security for your company’s growth.

There is lot of popularity for web-based applications these days. From the availability of various applications, dot net is mostly used for business purposes. This helps in comprehensive web solutions enabling programmers to develop, build and manage the application. Companies are seeking help from development providers for their business requirement. They develop application on behalf of the company as per their requirement and maintain them accordingly.

Dot net follows basic standard of internet such as HTTP, XML and more. It supports programming languages such as C++, JavaScript, Visual Basic and many more. It is also important to maintain security for the application. A lot of security measures need to be taken for the better functioning of applications. Dot Net Application Development services are provided by most of the companies nowadays.

Security Measures related to Dot Net Application Development

It is observed that most of the security attacks happen through URL when a string is passed by. A developer may include techniques inside the application. For that it is better to define a common place to whitelist a URL which prevents in allowing bad data entering to the website. By setting a set of whitelisted characters, it helps in removing the bad ones, and backlisting a hacker can easily break the listing.

Encryption is required for any data which is sent and received to secure the data. It can allow the reader to read only with code or key which has secured the sensitive information. A developer should include required protection methods to secure the application.

By turning off the ViewStateMac, it may create a security loophole. This happens when you use VeiwState. They can easily intercept by reading the 64-bit code and modify. If the security is compromised at this level, then the ViewState values are well encrypted and performed only with a key.

There are other security measures which help in securing the application. The severity has increased a lot in terms of security towards application, and so it is easy to secure the company’s reputation. With the techniques used in increasing security levels, one can minimize the vulnerabilities for the future as well.

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