How to Set Up and Use Ergonomic Devices According to OSHA

Posted by Goldtouch on March 24th, 2020

Office ergonomics is a vital aspect of modern workplace health and safety. As jobs and duties continually shift into office environments, employees are spending more time sitting at computers. If the workspace that an employee spends eight or more hours per day inhabiting isn’t designed for maximum comfort and proper body positioning, it can cause injuries over time. Repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) are the result of overuse of specific muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons, and can be costly for businesses in lost productivity and claims.

To combat the rise of RSIs, many organizations invest in ergonomic devices: outfitting every workstation with an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, for example. While purchasing these devices alone is a great step forward, your team must use them correctly in order to benefit from them. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) provides a convenient checklist to ensure you’re setting up your office workstations correctly. Here are a few highlights.

Make Sure Devices Are Adjustable

First, before you order your new ergonomic devices, you want to ensure that they are adjustable for the user. The primary purpose of ergonomics is to conform to the individual needs of the user, so they can find the perfect position. However, some “one-size-fits-all” devices are marketed as ergonomic simply because they are curved. The problem is that if they don’t adjust, your employees are stuck with a pre-determined position.

Instead, choose ergonomic devices and tools that offer individual adjustment. A truly adjustable ergonomic keyboard should allow employees to adjust each side of the device on the vertical and horizontal planes to help them avoid unnecessary strain. Devices such as monitor arms, standing desk converters, and mice with interchangeable backs allow employees to change positions throughout the day based on the task or their comfort.

Ensure Wrists Are Kept in a Comfortable, Neutral Position

Among the most well-known RSIs is carpal tunnel syndrome, typically affecting the wrist area. Overusing generic mice or keyboards with the wrong wrist placement can be a leading cause of carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel and conditions like it can be painful and unpleasant, and in extreme cases, can prevent workers from performing their duties. To help employees reduce the risk of carpal tunnel and other RSIs developing over time, provide employees with ergonomic mice designed to keep users’ wrists in neutral positions. The best ergonomic mouse will be designed to keep pressure off of the wrist and will accommodate a variety of hand sizes comfortably.

Mind Posture and Provide Support Where Needed

Of the many challenges that the digital world presents, poor posture is a significant factor in RSIs. Employees that spend consecutive hours on end in front of their computers often have challenges with posture, such as viewing their monitor from an improper angle or hunching their shoulders. As you’re establishing your ergonomics program in the office, you must ensure that employees can sit comfortably without any bending, leaning, or straining.

The checklist from OSHA details this fully under the Seating and Workstations sections, but overall, you need to mind the head, neck, torso, back, and shoulders. Everything should fall in line naturally, and the employee’s chair should fully support their lumbar and elbows. Additionally, if the computer monitor is too high or low, it can cause unnecessary strain. To correct this, look into monitor arms that allow users to lift or lower their monitor so that it’s at proper eye level.

About Goldtouch

Goldtouch is a leader in modern ergonomic devices. The company’s mission is to provide adjustable ergonomic keyboards and ergonomic mice that help reduce the risk of RSIs in the workplace. Comfortable employees are happier and often more productive. From multinational corporations to small businesses, every workplace can benefit from Goldtouch’s ergonomic tech solutions. With a more comfortable workspace employees feel supported and can focus more. Less strain and pain can mean less absenteeism and fewer claims associated with RSIs. Shop Goldtouch and browse the ergonomic keyboard and ergonomic mouse selection, along with other accessories, such as a standing desk converter, to complete your ergonomic workstations.

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