Translation Services for Legal Documents- When do Firms Need Them

Posted by NaushadKhan on March 24th, 2020

Legal documents conform to some external rules on subject matter as such translation must be whatsoever done with a certified translation services.

The sensitive nature of legal documents and their importance within the legal realm makes it very important to be handled by experienced people as one cannot risk being careless with it.

Legal documents may be from companies, businesses, health facilities, schools and law firms. Such documents include:

  • Business contracts
  • Brochures
  • Witness statements forms
  • Transcripts
  • Official reports
  • Filed patents
  • Legal rulings and precedents
  • Tape recordings
  • Certificates

It is important to use someone who has legal expertise to correctly translate your document this ensures efficiency and no error at all.

Translation of legal documents are not just confided to law firms as assumed by many however important to all as long as certain documents that require to be handled special and with utmost attention accorded. Firms may at different times require to translate their legal documents;

  1. When handling different clients from different cultural background and language

A law firm for instance may encounter a situation where clients speak different languages so they need to translate their documents to be understood rather than be able to communicate efficiently without the problem of language barrier.

  2. When venturing into market for the first time

A business being introduced to market needs to be understood by everyone despite their culture, ethnicity or even language.

Brochures explaining more on the services provided should be in multiple languages which can be understood by the target groups globally.

  3. To understand evidence at hand and present it

This case is however limited to judges who handle court cases. It is not professional to assume that everyone present before the jury understands or speaks one language rather a certified translator should be present to make it clear to all and even the witnesses statements.

  4. Website localization and marketing of products

A company may wish to introduce new brands into the target market or even engage in online marketing of their products through websites. This calls for translation of their legal documents such as terms and conditions of such business

A company cannot therefore afford to be misunderstood by international prospect buyers or even future investors through translators who aren’t certified.

 5. Submission of documentation for international disputes.

Legal documents may need translation to clear up certain disputes that arise maybe during importation or even counterfeits products that have been hacked into the market to replace the original one.

All companies or businesses must understand that in the legal profession and heavy penalties imposed on mistranslation.


Whatever the language being translated into, the correspondence and documentation should be precise and accurate always.

Localization provides the ultimate solution to language barrier. It’s deep-rooted hence allowing you to share your message with multilingual clients while preserving the cultural nuances and feel of the documents as well as its precise meaning.

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