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You probably know the temptation to make big money quickly. This dream can come true in the casino, but it takes luck in the first place and a certain amount of persistence. Nothing comes from anything so quickly. We present some of the best and most popular casino games you can find on the web. We also have a detailed list of casino games.

  • Are the games from trusted providers?
  • Are the casinos where the games are offered run seriously?
  • Which games have the least house edge?
  • Are the games only available with real money or for free practice?

In addition to safety-related aspects, fun should of course never be neglected. That's why we looked at some slot games with very exciting themed worlds. These come from various genres, such as history, music or often from well-known films. Then there are the other games that are available in casinos, like the GreatCasino: These include the classic table games such as blackjack and the different types of roulette. Another way to chat in the casino and see winnings is poker, which is also played in many different variations.

List: Play Online Casino

Here is an up-to-date list of trusted websites where you can play safely online.

Game variants

Slots - slots online

They got the alternative name because of their striking appearance with the release bracket on the side. You pull your arm and the slot machine pulls the money out of your pocket. Just like in a real casino you will find the slot machines in the usual online casinos in rows, from numerous different providers and with all kinds of more or less colorful backgrounds. Compared to a real casino, the chances of winning and the jackpot sums are a little higher. All slots that are offered analogously in a casino can now also be displayed digitally - and this with numerous extras that would not be possible in the right casino.

Almost all slots these days rely on more than just combinations of three or more of the same symbols. Your experience is constantly enriched by opportunities that increase your profits and above all bring a lot of variety into the game. The following are popular:

  • Free spins as a loyalty bonus
  • Gamble functions to increase profits
  • Jackpots that can be won in more than one slot

Table games

In addition to the slot machines, it is the gaming tables that enjoy enormous importance in the casino. While the machines are a rather recent appearance, the gaming tables have been part of a casino's range since the very beginning. Often a set of cards or a dice is enough to host a game that casts a spell over the guests.

Play roulette online

One of the oldest games available in casinos is roulette. Historically, two different variants have grown, but they are not all that different. There is a French and an American variant, which differ only slightly by the number of fields. The possibilities offered by electronics and the Internet have also meant that many other variants with other modes of the game can be made available. Each casino has its own wide selection of classic and rather unusual types of roulette.

Play blackjack online

As with slots and roulette, the motto of blackjack is that so much more is possible in the electronic world. You can easily play blackjack with a live dealer who deals the cards in front of a camera. In addition, you can also play purely electronic variants, which in turn are enriched with special game modes and expanded profit options.

More games on the Internet

Slots, roulette and blackjack are far from all that casinos have to offer on the Internet. In several casinos you will find poker games in which you either play live against other players on the Internet or simply play against the bank. Other, perhaps somewhat less widespread card games, such as baccarat, can also be found in part in online casinos. The random generators developed for the casinos have also made it possible to offer dice games and even scratch cards virtually.

Reputable provider

Serious providers: Real money games are really about the real deal - your own hard earned money. When playing with money, you shouldn't tolerate compromises. Security should be one of the top priorities because you don't want your money to suddenly disappear without a trace. Therefore, make sure that the games you want to use also come from reputable providers. On the one hand, these can be recognized by certain certificates, which confirm that security is always guaranteed and continuously checked. On the other hand, the big casinos only rely on goods that have been thoroughly tested and found to be good, as they could otherwise cause massive trouble.

Practice creates masters

As mentioned at the beginning: nothing comes from nothing. To understand how a game works, it is often not enough to simply trust your own sense of sudden happiness. So that you do not lose too much money with a game that you simply cannot master, the respective demo versions are recommended. You play with a stick of play money and can get to know the intricacies of the respective games without having to resort to your own wallet. Familiarizing yourself with the respective circumstances is very important, because otherwise a mistake can be expensive. Reading an explanation can be helpful, but seeing it with your own eyes is still the best practice there is.

These casino games are recommended

We are now going to show you some games that are particularly recommended. This may be because they are simply particularly popular or because they have features and attractions that you cannot find anywhere else. So that you do not lose the overview here, the grouping is again the same as above. So you will find the slots first, then the table games such as roulette and blackjack and finally the other games from the world of casinos on the Internet.

Recommended slots

The arguments in favor of slots on the Internet instead of in the casino are quite clear. It is not for nothing that slots are by far the most used game offerings in all casinos on the Internet. This speaks for:

  • that you are not bound by opening hours
  • that you can play on a lot more machines than in the casino
  • that you can benefit from much higher profits online

The best slot machines on the Internet mostly come from the same few providers, which can be found almost consistently in the largest casinos. These include Net Entertainment (NetEnt), Play 'N GO, Quickfire (by Microgaming) and Williams Interactive. The highest profit ever recorded from an online slot was almost 18 million euros and was achieved with the Mega Fortune slot from NetEnt.

The respective odds are also noteworthy for online slots. Slots are referred to as RTP (Return to Player). This rate is usually around 60% in a casino, because that is where the legal limit, which must at least be observed. The expenses of the operators are considerably lower on the Internet. In addition, more players can take up an offer at the same time. That is why RTP rates of 95% or more are quite common on the Internet.

Recommended online table games

There is a broad distinction between two categories of table games online: some are played entirely over the Internet and have a completely artificial user interface. Others in turn contain a direct transmission via the Internet, in which a croupier can be seen who is playing the game in front of the camera. Enter your input such as bet and color choice and the dealer then gets the ball rolling in roulette, for example. So you have a gaming atmosphere on your computer or on your mobile device almost like in a real casino.

Roulette Online Tips

One of the oldest forms of gambling that is practiced in the casino is roulette. The game, originally created in France, consists of a ball that is supposed to roll in a rotating bowl on the field you have selected. The name “roulette” also goes back to the wheel that was used at the time. After all, most roulette wheels are not as big as you would think. There are a few things to consider when playing roulette online:

  • Does your casino offer many variations of roulette games?
  • Can roulette also be played on your mobile devices (tablet, smartphone) if necessary?
  • Can you also use the bonuses won for roulette?

These are just three criteria you can use to judge roulette games online. Depending on what is important to you, there may of course be additional, individual criteria. Based on these criteria, you can choose your roulette casino carefully and run the risk of having a bad experience at the first casino of your choice.

Tips for blackjack online

Simply choose the first casino and start playing as much as you can? No! Take a little time to choose the right casino, because hopefully you don't just want quick money, but also enjoy the game. Therefore, you should think carefully about what your casino should have to offer before you risk your own money in blackjack. Pay attention to the widest possible selection of game variants, the possibilities when using bonuses and the suitability of the respective games for mobile devices. You may want to spend some time on the go with a little blackjack. Then a visit to the online casino would be just right.

Blackjack is one of those games that are offered online in two different ways. On the one hand, there is the completely artificial user interface, in which you, as a player, are only connected to one computer, which runs the entire game. On the other hand, there are blackjack games in which you can see a croupier on the Internet who distributes the cards and fulfills the wishes of the participants. So you can play blackjack from anywhere, almost like in the real casino.

More games in the online casinos

Of course, slots, blackjack and roulette are sometimes the most common games in online casinos. But there is often more to discover and maybe after a while you want to get a change with the same game. Card games such as poker or baccarat are particularly suitable. If it should not be too complicated and rather fast-paced, then dice games or scratch cards in virtual form are available for you. Thanks to the further developed random generators, such gadgets are now also possible online, even if the latter are not necessarily part of the typical offer in a casino.

House edge and payout rate

These two terms are directly related. The house edge is the quota that the casino definitely keeps to itself, so that the costs for the offers can also be covered. These costs include staff wages and the amount of money that must be spent on the infrastructure that an online casino operates with. Side bets in particular often have the effect that the house edge is very high, which can literally translate into very bad cards for you. Mathematically speaking, the house edge is the difference between the added bets you make and the winnings you can see regularly. The house edge is usually given in percent. Its counterpart is the payout rate, which is often abbreviated as RTP (Return to Player) in English. For many slots in online casinos, the RTP rate is given to show how often you can expect to win. However, these numbers calculated and given by the casinos are only ever reliable over a longer period.

One of the best games considering the house edge is Full Pay Deuces Wild. If the game runs optimally, you can always win. However, this game is a bit challenging and requires a little practice. In addition, it is not too easy to find in online casinos. Poker also has no house edge at all, since you are not playing against the house, but only against the other players at the (virtual) table. Only a small contribution to the cost recovery of the casino is due in each case.

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