Self-heating hotpot lunch box

Posted by sere on March 25th, 2020

Zhongshan Weihan Plastic Technology Co. , Ltd. specializes in producing hot pot lunch boxes, which are mainly divided into two parts Lunch boxes and heating packs the main ingredients of heating packs are: Sodium Carbonate, roasted diatomite, iron powder, aluminum powder, coke powder, activated carbon, salt, quicklime.

The most important quicklime: quicklime (Cao) , reacts with water to Form Mature Lime Ca (OH)2. The reaction of calcium oxide with water releases a great deal of heat, causing the water to boil. So when you add water, it boils and heats up very quickly. Cao + H2O CA (OH)2 sodium carbonate: Sodium Carbonate is a salt that reacts with slaked lime to form calcium carbonate precipitate. DIATOMITE SIO2 · Nh2o, because of its large pores, is often used as adsorption material (also commonly used as a desiccant absorbent) . It acts as a buffer for the reaction rate in the heating packet. Absorb most of the water and maintain the reaction rate. Iron powder, aluminum powder, coke powder, activated carbon, salt composition of the battery.

The battery is designed to ease the drastic reaction between calcium oxide and water, to make the reaction rate controllable, and the addition of diatomite and other adsorbents is also to ease the reaction, which is the guarantee of the security of the heating pack. The DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A self-heating hot pot and a warm baby is that there is extra quicklime.

It uses carbon powder, iron powder, water and salt water plus some additives to form a battery to discharge, and then, because there is no positive and negative electrode, the electrons can not be divided into positive and negative electrons, directly forming a short circuit, thus generating heat.

Self-heating hot pot heating principle comes from the box inside the heating package. This heating package is widely used. The main ingredients are sodium carbonate, roasted diatomite, iron powder, aluminum powder, coke powder, activated carbon, salt and quicklime in a bag. By pouring cold water, it can be heated to over 150 °C The steam can be heated to 200 °C for cooking.

1. The heating package is made of roasted diatomite, iron powder, aluminum powder, coke powder, activated carbon, salt and so on. When exposed to cold water, the temperature rises immediately in 5-10 seconds. The high temperature can be maintained for 15-20 minutes. The hot pot can be heated to 100 °C After 60 minutes down to 60 °C, can continue to heat the food for 120 minutes or so. The whole set of products, in the heat will not cause any pollution, nor any safety risks.

2. The lunch box is polypropylene material PP, is a kind of thermoplastic resin which is made by polypropylene polymerization. A nontoxic, odorless, tasteless, opalescent, highly crystalline polymer with excellent heat resistance and no distortion at 150 degrees without external forces.


3. The technology is also used in military equipment in various countries and is widely used abroad. Is it safe to use First of all, the heating packs don't directly interact with the food, and the technology has been used in military equipment for years. Hot Packs are used to cook food during field training. The country's military equipment is very advanced, so many military equipment in the community are very popular.

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