Best Showtime series to binge this weekend!

Posted by charle on March 25th, 2020

Showtime has been serving the best line-up of TV series for a long time now. From Homeland to Shameless, the television network has never disappointed its viewership with low-quality content. Although the TV network has been here since the ‘80s, the fun and thrill of its amazing showtime series never betrays our expectations. So, to help you out with entertainment craving senses and an awesome binge weekend, here are some of the best showtime series.


Homeland follows the thriller story of a bipolar CIA analyst on her investigation of a former POW who could be a sleeper agent for the deadliest terrorist organisation. This show is filled with roller-coaster twists and turns and a lot of political suspense and drama. The show garnered the viewers’ attention with its amazing storyline and nerve-wracking pace in the consecutive seasons.

Penny Dreadful

It is quite rare to find a good gothic horror series amidst all the bright pop-culture dramas. Penny Dreadful is the story of a mysterious woman, an American rogue and an explorer who, along with other great characters, band up to fight the evil enemies threatening the peace of London. The series brings back to life various classic horror and science-fiction characters such Frankenstein, Hyde and Jekyll and so on. The series is fun to watch and has depth which willinstantly suck you into the story.


Now, who hasn’t heard of Dexter? The very famous anti-hero series, Dexter, focuses on the psychological thriller journey of a forensic analyst, Dr. Dexter Morgan, who works under the Miami Police Department. On the outside, Dr. Morgan poses to be a regular and dedicated forensic worker but, on the inside, hides his true sociopathic identity. Dexter gives its users deep insights into the mind of a sociopathic serial killer who kills in the name of his own justice.

Dead Like Me

Dead like me is another philosophical yet dark comedy series which makes its user think about the value of life and death. IT follows the story of an 18-year-old who upon her death discovers that she is now a grim reaper. Along with the band og other reapers now it is her job to reap souls from humans who are seconds away from their death. The show offers various colours of humour, mythology, wittiness, etc.

It’s Garry Shandling’s Show

Can you imagine a superstar comedian playing his own character in a show which is actually another show! Its Garry Shandling’s Show is one of the best classic self-referential TV series that served as a great critical hit on the reality and influence of sitcoms. With various real-life characters, there is surely a lot in store with this amazing show.

There are many and many more shows that are missing on this list but nevertheless, the value of all these amazing hits can never be forgotten. If you are looking for a great weekend ahead while being on your couch then this is surely going to help you!

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