Some Important Tips For A Message Marketing Campaign

Posted by Michael Griffin on March 25th, 2020

Despite the emergence of messaging apps, SMS continues to be a popular and reliable means of communication. Texting is also a formidable promotional channel because most people keep their smartphones with them at all times. SMSs have a high open and reading rate. Most customers rely on SMS for customer service. So you can effectively engage with your customers through message marketing in Denver as long as you have a proper strategy in place. You also need to keep the limitations of this medium in mind to use it to its maximum potential.

Message Marketing Tips

Ask Customers To Opt-In

The days of spamming everyone are long gone. Like with phone calls, you need express consent from your customers to send them text messages because now they too fall under the TCPA. Spamming can lead to lawsuits and damages. You can ask your customers for permission through website contact forms and at the checkout process during a purchase in exchange for information on exciting offers in the future. This will help you build a contact list of customers genuinely interested in your offers.

Keep Messages Short

One text message can only be 160 characters at max. If you exceed the character limit, then the message will break into two and add to your texting costs. There’s also a chance that the receivers won’t receive the second part of the message. No one likes reading long texts on smartphones anyway. Draft short and simple texts for message marketing in Denver.

Don’t Spam

Even if you have your customers’ express consent, they may feel annoyed with you if you text them multiple times every day and ignore your messages. You should start with four texts every month and build up to ten per month. Make sure that each message is of value to the customer.

Create Urgency

SMS has the power to instill urgency. Include phrases like ‘expires soon’, ‘valid till’ and ‘by today’ to get your customers to take immediate action.

Time Your Messages Right

You need to send your texts at times that your receivers are likely to open and read them. No one would read your message at 4 am. Business hours between 10 am and 8 pm are good times for SMS marketing. Steer clear of commute hours. Do consider your customer’s time zone when you send messages.

Use Link Shorteners

You may want to include links in your texts if you are promoting a new app your mobile app developer in Denver just launched. But hyperlinks tend to be long and have many characters that can easily exceed the character limit. You should use link shorteners like Bitly to compress the length of your hyperlinks.

Personalize Your Messages

Personalizing your offers and campaign to each customer will help you retain their interest and keep them from opting out. Keep track of their engagement with your brand and create offers that appeal to them.

Avoid Hype, Slang & Short Forms

Hype terms like amazing and exclusive seem overly promotional and spammy. Slangs seem unprofessional and people may be unfamiliar with abbreviations. Be careful about how you use them.

Track Open & Click Rates

You need to keep track of how many people are opening your texts and clicking the link or replying to the texts. This will help you measure your campaign’s effectiveness and make changes to it for better results.

Give Option To Opt-Out

Despite your best efforts, many customers will find the constant flow of SMS annoying. You should give them an option to opt-out of the message marketing messages with clearly defined steps as per the law. Giving them this choice also gives the impression that you respect their choices.

Add Clear CTAs

Whether you want the receiver to use the promo code you sent them or download the app your mobile app developer in Denver just launched, you need to inform them what you want them to do through a clear call-to-action.

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