Tips to Keep Your Computer in Good Shape

Posted by Your I.T. Guy on March 25th, 2020

Computer is the best gift of technology. It has made our life so much easier. We have the entire world at the tips of our fingers. We can get information about anything at any part of the world sitting at our home and of course work has been never so easy for the mankind. It takes a couple of hours for a person to perform a certain job. It can be done by computer in just couple of minutes. You can easily store huge amount of your important data in one place very securely, all thanks to the computer.

However, with so many benefits there is also a setback of computer. At the end of the day, computer is just a machine and can break down easily. Computer does not come with a expiry date but sadly, it has a expiry date. One day or the other, it may malfunction.

However, if you take some major precautions, you can keep your computer in a good shape for a really long time and may not have to visit technicians for computer repairs in Melbourne.

Allows windows to shut down properly

You need to keep your patience when you are shutting down the computer. Allow the windows to shut down and then only put off the power switch. If the window has not closed properly and you quickly put off the power switch, it will have a bad effect and will harm the hard disk of the computer, making your computer ready to break down any time in near future.

Never remove the peripheral device when activated

It is not a good idea to remove any connected peripheral device when it is activated as it will leave the socket or the motherboard of your computer damaged. So, make sure to unplug the peripheral device safely only after deactivating it. Make sure that the peripheral device is guaranteed to be “Hot pluggable” if you want to remove with while active.

Never keep unnecessary programs

Whenever you switch on your computer, never allow the extra, unwanted programs to be uploaded as they do nothing good but only consume a lot of space of your computer. So, it is in your best interest to not allow any extra programs in take over the memory of your computer. Keep your computer neat and up to date.

Keep an updated antivirus

It is very important to keep an updated antivirus program in your computer that updates while you turn on your computer. It will make sure that your computer is free from any virus that may damage the hardware of your computer. It will increase the life of your computer and keep it free from dangerous antivirus and malware for a long time. Thus, you will not be a frequent visitor of computer repair technician.

Keep an updated firewall program

There are huge chances of hacking and cyber-attacks when using computer. So, it is always a good idea to keep an updated firewall program in order to keep your computer in good shape and free from malware and cyber-attacks.

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