How Mobile Device Management Works and What are its Benefits?

Posted by Sree Swaminathan on March 25th, 2020

Mobile device management (MDM) is a term used to describe a system or solution used for managing mobile devices remotely. These mobile devices can be anything starting from a laptop computer, smart phone, and tablet computers to ruggedized mobile data collection devices.  

Given technology and the increasing need for mobility, a business enterprise needs to efficiently operate business beyond the four walls; from specific business location. Competition in today’s business is such that they need to contact their employees as well as customers whenever and wherever they are.   

With mobility, efficiency and productivity of your business gets increased. Your business gains a competitive advantage by having access to information and applications that it needs to act quickly. Managing related mobile devices with a best mobile device management allows you to protect and optimize your business operations. So how does a mobile device management works? 

Working Principle of Mobile Device Management  

Mobile device management or enterprise mobility management (EMM) is a type of security software used by many IT Consulting company or IT department of businesses, to monitor, manage and secure any mobile devices that are used in the organization. It can be either issued by the organization or can be owned by an employee of the company.  

Devices that can be managed by Mobile Device Management or say enterprise mobility management include smartphones, laptops, tablets and other mobile hardware. This is a kind of software, which secures apps, policies and permissions across platforms and multiple mobile service providers. This is being used by organizations to cut the risks and safeguard their networks and data assets.   

What Mobile Device Management Solution are Capable of Providing 

  • A mobile device solution will provide all the following remote capabilities: 

  • Distribution of software updates and patches. 

  • Tracking of software and hardware assets.  

  • Distribution of information and data. 

  • Tracking software for license compliance.  

  • Supporting and controlling devices to troubleshoot issues.  

  • Backing up and tracking data.  

  • Encrypting wireless communications. 

  • Disabling lost and stolen devices.   

Things to consider before choosing a good MDM solution for your business  

If you are thinking of taking a dedicated mobile device management solution for your company, then you need to take the following points into consideration.  

You must opt for a good accessible MDM mobile solution, which means it must be a cloud-based solution. This can decrease a ton of infrastructure and network issues that could happen with an on-premise solution. In the event that your business has impressions outside your office at that point having an access to MDM arrangement is a vital significance. 

The MDM solution you pick must be adaptable and include the gadgets that would associate with your organization information, and along these lines should be managed. Almost certainly, some employees of your organization must utilize his/her own gadget for business just as the one given by the organization for business. In such cases it may be challenging to track all gadgets that get access to your organization's network. The feature set for good MDM solution need to take into account multiple devices. 

Look for a MDM solution that integrates with your existing management platform rather than a standalone solution. This will allow you to maximize your existing IT management.  

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