USCISís new H-1b cap registration system

Posted by skjjuris on March 25th, 2020

Are you looking to apply for an H-1B visa for this session i.e. 2021? Then this vital information is for you!

The USICS has modified the application process for the upcoming H-1B visas lottery in December 2019. In the new application process, the applicants have to first electronically register for it and pay a sum of 10$ H-1B visa registration fee linked with it. This new procedure has to be adopted even by those eligible for advanced degree exemption. The initial registration period for the application is from March 1st to March 20th, 2020. This new process had been initially tested via a pilot phase to transcend the industry from a paper-based agency to an online-filing agency.

What was the old process?

The applicants/organizations had to file their petitions for the H-1B lottery which were often bulky and attracted mailing costs to both parties, i.e. applicants and agency. Then USICS would shortlist eligible petitions via their selection process. The filed petition required entire information regarding the subject, even though it had a much larger chance of rejection.

What has changed?

According to the updated process, the applicant/s has to fill up an electronic form that has very few columns of information which include basic details of the company and each requested worker. This will aid in reducing the efforts put in and the size of the petition, significantly.  The new petition requires payment of registration fee of 10$, reducing the expenditure of the applicant.  Then those selected applicants will have to fill the entire form/ H-1B cap-subject petition.

For acquainting the people/ applicants with the new process, USICS will be putting up step-by-step instructions regarding the registration process. Important deadlines and timelines will also be displayed on the website for convenience. Also, public engagements and outreach activities will be held to inform people about the new registration system. The agency will decide the requirement of additional sessions for registration.

How to improve your chances through the new process?

Approaching an unchartered territory without proper guidance can always be risky. This applies to the applicants who are registering the first time or got their petitions rejected the last time. Those applicants should seek guidance from organizations that have an exuberant experience in the domain. This will improve your chances of getting the H-1B visa for your highly skilled employees. Applicants, who fail to produce the required documents, are issued RFE once to arrange and produce the documents. In such an event experience of such firms’ aid in procuring the H-1B visa even after an initial blunder. With India being the biggest shareholder (around 70%) in petitions, firms that have vivid experience in Indian applications too.

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