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Posted by Fenjalk on March 25th, 2020

After a tiring week at work, you are looking forward to the weekend, spending some time with your family. You might have planned a weekend getaway with your significant other and your kids, if you have any. While traveling to your destination, you might stop at a coffeehouse and bring your partner for a cup of coffee and boys in Riyadh (قهوجيين وصبابين بالرياض) for some snacks. You are sipping on your coffee and getting excellent service at the coffeehouse. What you are experiencing is the application of the hospitality industry and customer satisfaction, the backbone of this industry. 

The hospitality industry is generally applicable to all businesses but is of the utmost importance for businesses that deal with leisure time activities like theme parks, restaurants, cafes and bistros, lodgings and such. This industry is broadly divided into three categories:

· Travel and Tourism: This category includes all things transport like airlines, cruise, trains, ships and the staff of each mode. This segment puts efforts into making your travel to your destination comfortable. 

· Beverage and Food industry: Being the most important part of the hospitality industry, this category involves high-end restaurants, establishments that provide catering to events and others. When it comes to the beverage industry, it functions as a part of the food industry in providing the best quality of drinks to the customers.

· Lodgings and Accommodation: When you are traveling having a comfortable place to stay is crucial. Since this is one of the categories of the hospitality industry, it involves all types of hotels, lodges, bed, and breakfast and any such facility that provides accommodation to travelers. 

Fingalak App provides hospitality services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The app is molding (ضيافة) hospitality and striving hard to make the Kingdom’s vision 2030 a reality. With the help of this platform, you can choose a hospitality provider for all occasions, events, and weddings and experience a true, authentic Saudi experience. The platform aims to spread the culture and heritage of Saudi Arabia to its fullest extent. You can also get in touch with genuine providers of Arabic coffee, dates, incense and perfume and other products originating from the country. To experience real Saudi Arabia at your events, download the Fingalak app and book your hospitality package.

About Fingalak App:

Fingalak App is a unique platform to get in touch with the best hospitality (صبابات) service providers in Riyadh. 

For more information, visit Fenjalk.com/

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