What Dentists Can Do During Quarantine?

Posted by curiedentist on March 25th, 2020

What Dentists Can Do During Quarantine?

As dentists around the world have been warned to be at a greater risk of getting the COVID19 infection, dental clinics around the world have shut down as a precautionary measure and are only offering emergency dental services. This could put a lot of dentists (like many other professionals) into a fair amount of financial or emotional stresses. Here are things you could do to spend the time wisely and put the current situation at the back of your minds.

Improve your skills and knowledge:

There are a lot of online short courses that you would have always wanted to do but never found the time for. Now is the time to motivate yourself to sign up for these courses. They’ll keep you occupied and also enrich you with new knowledge when you resume your services.

Improve your clinic:

This is the best time to write down what are all the problem areas or areas that need an advancement in your clinic. This could be referring to technology, equipment, resource, service or employee. List down all changes you would like to make and find a right time during or after this time of social distancing to execute it.

Improve your clinic’s brand value:

  1. This is the best thing to work on during this time and a lot of ways to achieve this is now available in this tech savvy world. You can do one of the below:
  2. Invest in a new, user friendly, highly efficient dental clinic management software like Curie.Health. This will help not only with connecting better with your patients by sending SMS reminders, emails etc., it will also help appointment bookings to be made easily, help with your lab service inventories and communication, ease billing and payments and also help you manage and stay in contact with your clinic from anywhere in the world.
  3. Focus on marketing services and plans and consider saving some amount of income every month to invest in marketing activities. Digital and offline marketing is the best way to publicise your clinic’s brand name and attract new clients to your clinic. These plans and services are best executed by professional marketing professionals and this can be done by outsourcing this activity to a provider such as Curie. Health.
  4. Constantly stay in touch with your existing clients even in times such as this, so as to reassure them, assist them in emergencies and build their trust. This will make them always come back to you and not look for alternate options.

Join dental networks

that will empower you and uplift you with the best advises and assures in tough times such as this. You will be able to share your knowledge and gain some from others in the network. You can join Curie Health’s network on https://curie.health/

Lastly, stay positive as these trials and hard times are only temporary and you will soon be back on your feet.

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