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Posted by sere on March 25th, 2020

The lathe is an ancient machine tool, originally developed around 1300 BC.

It was originally used for metal cutting and metal forming, but later its application was also extended to wood processing and glass processing.

Nowadays, the lathe is the main means of various metal forming, metal cutting and wood cutting applications in the industry.

Modern lathes have automatic specifications for fast and intelligent work and are manufactured according to various standards to meet different work requirements in different industries.

The main application of the lathe is limited to power plants, rolling mills, tool rooms, shipbuilding, repair shops, paper mills, workshops, textiles, oil and mining industries.

Heavy duty lathe, ultra heavy duty lathe, roll turning lathe, heavy duty roll turning lathe, light duty lathe, all gear lathe are some common models of lathe used for metal and wood processing in industry.

A lathe usually creates objects that revolve around an axis by cutting, shape, walkthrough, or deformation the workpiece on its axis.

Headframe, tailframe, bed and spindle are the most important tools in a variety of lathes, enabling them to complete material forming and cutting tasks efficiently.

The bed is the base of the lathe and other parts are on it.

At one end of the bed, usually on the left, is a high

A precision rotating bearing with a horizontal shaft called a spindle.

The spindle is usually a hollow part with internal or external threads, and the work holding attachment can be installed on the spindle and provide movement to the workpiece.

The workpiece is fixed between the head frame and the tail frame, or with the help of the locking nut, it can be positioned at any point in the bed, so it is easy to keep parts of different lengths easily.

There are hollow barrels in the tailgate-

Parallel or completely parallel to the spindle containing the cone to facilitate the grabbing of various tools.

Its most common use is to maintain the center of hardened steel used to support the slender shaft when turning, or to keep the drill bit to drill holes on the workpiece.

Many metal machining lathes have brackets to facilitate the maintenance and control of the tool.

Various types of lathes usually have a variety of tools to promote their functions, but there are few modifications and additions to perform different types of work requirements.

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