What is McDonough's Personal Injury Lawyer?

Posted by news reader on March 25th, 2020

Steve McDonough, who won his first case for four million dollars in 1997, has since grown to be one of the top personal injury lawyers in the country. McDonough is considered one of the best lawyers for attorneys, as he has won more cases than any other attorney in the country. The McDonough case was the first of its kind in the United States and established him as a force to be reckoned with.

At the time of the accident, James W. Knollenberg was operating a tractor that was being used by his friend Greg Upson. They were on a trip to the farm of their friend Anthony Luppino. They were headed south out of a site known as the "No Trespassing Zone" when Upson got into an accident with a tractor driven by Knollenberg.

The accident left Upson severely injured, leaving him unable to work for weeks. He sued Knollenberg and Luppino for negligence.

There was a long-drawn-out legal battle, which lasted four years before the two sides were able to reach a settlement. The end result was a written agreement, which Knollenberg accepted, which named Knollenberg as the sole party liable for all medical bills and other expenses incurred by Upson.

But this was not a successful case for Knollenberg and he was unable to recoup the legal fees from the two men. Upson was awarded million in compensation.

But it was not just this case that made McDonough an acknowledged personal injury lawyer. In fact, it was his aggressive and forceful approach towards every client that made him one of the top personal injury lawyers in the country.

In his experience, clients often refuse to settle the case, even though they are in desperate need of a personal injury lawyer. But McDonough insisted on a trial, even after the two sides failed to come to terms.

Most clients are too ashamed to go through such a scenario, so they are content to let the case disappear, thinking that if they accept a settlement, they will have to pay out the rest of the money. However, their own lawyer is more worried about them than he is about the other side. For this reason, a compromise is reached, in which the two sides agree to divide the award.

McDonough is not just an ordinary personal injury lawyer, he has the ability to deal with people whose lives have been scarred. His case was different because unlike most cases, the injured parties were on a trip that the other side was supposed to be responsible for.

If you feel that you have a valid case, you may also want to try contacting the top personal injury lawyers. You can find their contact details on their websites, or better yet, contact them personally.

It is not easy finding these top personal injury lawyers, because not all law firms can claim to be "best". Most top lawyers require cases to be short-listed before their firm will agree to take on a case.

It is also important to note that top lawyers are usually those who have proven their expertise in their field. To find the top personal injury lawyers, you may wish to research for the best lawyers in your city.

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