What makes a great on-demand plumber app?

Posted by dhriya charls on March 25th, 2020

You might think of taking your plumbing services online or offer a marketplace to connect plumbing service seekers with professional plumbers. In such cases, the development of a robust on-demand plumber app is vital for the success of your business.

Hence, we have listed a few points below that could make you develop a great app for your on-demand business.

Know your audience and offer services accordingly

Every household requires quality handyman services. But each person’s requirement varies based on the issue they face. So, research your target market and list down all the plumbing related problems they face.

Once all problems are jotted down in one place, it becomes relatively easy for you to provide solutions. List a multitude of services on your app and allow your users to avail the service that they require.

Don’t cram the app with too many features

Many business people think that their app would gain traction among the end-users when they integrate as many features as possible into the app. They forget that their core focus gets blurred while opting for too many features.

Instead, they can choose to include only the features needed for the seamless functioning of the app rather than crowding it with not-so-important features. Once they succeed in the market, then they can consider shifting their focus on other additional features. That way, you can stay in line with your USP in the initial phase.

Ensure your app is fast and stable

No user will return to your app if it goes off often. So, use advanced technology stack, guaranteeing your app is stable and does not crash.

Make sure the app loads fast. If it takes a long time to load, it annoys users. It might lead to an increased bounce rate. Also, your app should be highly responsive on all digital assistant devices so users can book your services from any device with comfort.

Summing up

Considering the points listed above during the development of your on demand plumber app helps you come up with an advanced app that allows you to see an upsurge in your revenue.


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