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Posted by Shailendra Gupta on March 25th, 2020

Offshore Software Development is observed as one of the greatest approaches to enhance the standard of quality of a project while ensuring reliability throughout everything. To understand the movement of offshore software development a little better we have devised a comprehensive guide about the same.

What is offshore software development?

The term refers to a form of outsourcing software development tasks to another company. 

Precisely speaking, it’s a form of cooperation where an organization decides to outsource a software-based project to a third-party entity situated in a remote location; a place off the shores of the client’s residence. Just to give you an example: it can be a company located in New York City giving software development tasks to a custom software development company in India.

There are different ways to outsource software development:

  • Outsourcing all tasks related to the development and maintenance of the offshore software development company, i.e. everything from building, testing, implementation and support/maintenance of the application.
  • Outsource only specific components/tasks/modules of the application.
  • Hire a remote team of developers and manage them to get your application developed

How Does an Offshore Team Work?

You have two options for choosing your future development team.

The first one is to find freelancers and connect them into one team. But actually, this is not your best idea unless you are a product management enthusiast. In this case, you should be willing to take full control over the development progress and keeping your remote workers in touch with one another. In this case management of the individuals, controlling them, making them responsible for their work & various other things becomes very painful apart from the fact it will consume your whole time.

The second option is to turn to the services of an already formed team that works on behalf of a registered company. In this case, you won’t have to worry about finding the person to manage the working processes or what to do when a team member quits/falls sick / disappears. All these issues and many more will be solved by the company instead. These type of companies sell their services under various names like IT staff augmentation, remote development team, offshore development center, etc. but they all mean the same i.e. they will provide you offshore software development service which you are looking for.

What Is The Future Of Offshore Software Development Services?

Offshore outsourcing is a global very common business model ranging from small to big businesses. The model has established itself to be a very efficient instrument for increasing productivity, reducing operating expenses through leveraging offshore talent and technical expert advice.

Where Can You Look for Offshore Developers?

Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, and Romania India or China

Why More and More Companies opt for Offshore Development Services

  • Reduced Development Costs
  • Cooperating with Top Specialists
  • Easy Team Scaling
  • No Need for Employee Training

Give a viable advantage to your company. To know how you can utilize offshore software development to benefit your business please go through this guide -

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