Stunning New Geological Theory Based On Flat Earth Proposed By Author Tim Ozman

Posted by Victoria Bradley on March 25th, 2020

NEW YORK (26 March, 2020) - Tim Ozman, author of a number of explosive books, is back with a new theory that is all set to take the scientific world by storm.

According to Tim Ozman, the earth could at present be both flat and infinite. Leading from the title of his book, "Flat and Infinite Earth", he says he's leading a fresh movement to bring this theory to the notice of the populace in general and science aficionados in particular.

"A slow but steady change is required in the direction and I'm going to bring that. Flat Earth Theory has brought just mixed results in its long conflict with Globe Earth Theory. While I'm not saying that I'm providing a definitive answer to the whodunnit question but what I'm saying is that until we have definitive evidence to the contrary, we must consider the Infinite Plane Theory which states that if flat, the Earth must be considered infinite until proven otherwise. There's chapter after chapter of evidence of flat earth and infinite earth contained in the book waiting for the reader to be mind-blown", said Tim Ozman.

Many of the basic questions that the readers never thought about twice is answered in page after page of this explosive book "Flat And Infinite Earth" that could potentially rewrite science textbooks in the coming future.

It remains to be seen, however, how long this conflict between Globe Earth Theory and Flat Earth Theory continues before the scientific world, the students and the enthusiasts come to a definite conclusion with definitive evidence.

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