How Long Does A Keg Stay Fresh?

Posted by sere on March 26th, 2020

You thought that keg of all Baltic Porter will be a big hit, but it's a month later and you still have a half-full keg sitting on your kegerator and you also can't stomach another pint. Is that beer good? How long before you want to wave the flag, and just surrender this beer? , it is probably a good time to discuss how long a keg stays clean.

How Long Would Draft Beer Remain Fresh?

There's not any one hard and fast rule for how long that a keg of draft beer will remain fresh. This is especially true for art beers because distinct styles of beer last longer than others. A fantastic rule of thumb is the shelf life to get a keg of pasteurized beer is all about 90-120 days (or 3-4 weeks ), and unpasteurized draft beer will last about 45-60 days (or 6-8 weeks) when stored in the appropriate temperature. Many domestic and import beers are pasteurized. If you're unsure whether your beer has been pasteurized, then treat it as if it's unpasteurized.

An important issue to remember is that countdown starts the day that the keg is filled at the brewery, not when you tap it or purchase it. Among the first things you should do when you pick up a keg would be to check is the tag to see if it has a"born on" date or expiry date. If the beer on your keg has been passed its expiry date, then we wouldn't recommend drinking it.

How Long Does A Tapped Keg Last?

The way you select for your beer also plays a major role in the length of time your keg stays fresh. Using a generator or draft system that dispense draft beer utilizing CO2 should not impact your beer's freshness so long as the key is stored in the appropriate temperature and pressure. You are able to follow the guidelines explained above for discovering just how long your tapped keg will continue.

Using a picnic pump, party pump or keg tap is a very different situation. These introduce oxygen into your keg, which considerably speeds up the process of beer going bad. Since a picnic pump uses oxygen instead of carbon dioxide, a tapped keg will only last about 12-24 hours depending on the sort of beer and how much oxygen has been pumped into it.

The recommended temperature for storing draft beer is 38 degrees according to the Draught Beer Quality Manual. This is the perfect temp for freshness and massaging. Along with affecting the freshness of your beer, warm beer also has the tendency to pour foamy. Always ensure your keg is properly chilled when pouring.

You cannot save a keg of beer in the room temperature. Bacteria can form in beer whether it is temperature rises above 50 degrees. As it is a liquid, maintaining beer at too cold of temperature is also a no-no. Beer will freeze at around 28 degrees depending on its alcohol content.

We hope this advice will assist you when deciding to purchase your next keg of beer. One other aspect to consider is choosing the ideal size keg. Understanding how much beer you need for an event or how much you eat at home will help you select the ideal keg, and reduce the chance of beer going to waste from spoilage.

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