Bubble Tea: The Fun Tea How to Make Your Own Pearl's

Posted by sgteahee on March 26th, 2020

Have you yet tasted bubble tea? Boba tea or bubble tea is one of the most trendy drinks in Asia and in some cities in the U.S. Bubble tea emporiums have been popping up all over the world as these emporiums sell variations of sweet, milky black or green tea made with milk, non-dairy creamer or plant-based milk, in a choice of flavours. There are multi-layered drinks that are prepared from versatile ingredients such as fruits, chewy tapioca or boba, jelly and more.

If you are looking for bubble tea and the fun tea to make your own pearls, online you will find boba tea workshop that teach you to prepare DIY boba tea. At the workshop, the participants are introduced to the equipment and ingredients required for Boba Tea making. These participants learn how to prepare pearls, mixing creamer and syrups, creating the perfect taste. Participants are also encouraged for a hands-on session by creating their desired Boba Tea.

When you visit a boba tea studio, there are varieties of fruit teas, which blend fruit and tea into a colourful drink. At the bottom of each are large, chewy tapioca boba or “bubbles.” There are also alternatives usually popular in Asia that include agar jelly, fruit jelly and grass jelly. The clients can choose a regular tea that looks like iced tea or coffee, or an ice-blended version that is frozen and then put into a blender, creating slush. The bubbles or the boba pearls are sucked up through tapioca pearls through a wide straw.

If you have been to a bubble tea shop and indulged in fruity milk tea with that extra special taste, it is likely that you want to make your own bubble tea at home. Not only can you tailor the flavour of the tea to your personal taste – but save a TON of money in the process! You can make your own fun tea and pearls with the boba tea workshop.

You can enrol yourself at the boba tea workshop and see what interesting drinks you get to make it yourself! Participants at boba tea workshops make multi-layered drinks using healthy ingredients like butterfly pea flowers and fruits, and embark on an exciting Drinks Jamming session, demonstrating one's creativity!

Teahee SG is the first Boba Tea studio in Singapore founded by three avid travellers and invites you here to make your own Best Bubble Tea. You can also buy Boba Tea Pearls at Teahee SG. For more information please visit our website: https://www.teaheesg.com/make-your-own-drinks/


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