What is the difference between a blind via and a buried via?

Posted by JID PCB GROUP on March 26th, 2020

When it comes to the world of printed circuit board manufacturing, the common terms used are blind via/buried via PCB. But what does a blind via/buried via PCB really mean? In order to know all these notions, one has to know what vias are when it comes to printed circuit boards.

What does via comprise of?

In the printed circuit board, the vias are said to be the copper-plated holes which help the layers to connect. There is a standard via which is known as through-hole via but it is opined that there are many disadvantages of using through-hole vias, which is in the Surface Mount Technology (SMT). It is for this reason that there is an often use of blind via/buried via PCB. Blind or buried via can be processed in many different measures, which includes plugged solder mask via, plugged copper mask via and staggered via or plated via.

Vias is said to be a valuable asset since it is helpful in making a modern day complex multilayer PCB designs. These PCBs have a small size and are said to be occupied by the electronic components.

What does Blind Via comprise of?

When it comes to the blind via, the ‘via’ is said to connect the external layer to the inner layers of PCB and it is said to be responsible for the interconnection between the inner layers and top layers. This via starts on one side of PCB but it does not pass all the way. There are said to be four types of blind vias, i.e. sequential lamination blind vias, photo defined blind vias, laser drilled blind vias and controlled depth blind vias.

Features of PCBs with Blind vias include

• There are more holes when compared to the traditional PCB. If the PCB is said to be four-layered, the extra holes are said to join only two layers.
• There is a reduction in width and trace space
• There is higher pad density and wiring when compared to the traditional PCBs
• There is an inexpensive solution
• With the fabrication process, there is a little complex build-up process.

What does a Buried Via comprise of?

With regards to the buried via, the inner layers of the board are said to be connected by via. It is literally “buried” inside the board and cannot be viewed from outside. The buried via is formed through the processing of the set of the inner layers. The buried vias are also said to have electroplated holes and it is for this reason they need a separate drill file.

The blind and buried via are said to benefit HDI PCBs since they help optimize the density of the board and is done without increasing the board size or also the number of board layers required.

With this regards, JID-PCB Group offers the best and quality blind via/buried via PCB, impedance control PCB and 2-4 layer metal core PCB (MCPCB: Aluminum, Copper)

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