Milk Permeate Market Forecast and Segments, 2019-2027

Posted by Amy on March 26th, 2020

Market Outlook

Milk permeates are the dairy products which are derived by removing the proteins and other non-required components from the milk and whey with the help of different techniques of separation. The milk permeate is obtained from milk after the various ultrafiltration processes. While producing the milk protein concentrates, milk permeate is obtained. The milk permeates are very essential in increasing the protein levels in food and beverages. It is also used as a bulking agent in food products. Manufacturers in the food and beverages industry are benefited by the application of the milk permeate as it reduces the overall cost of production required to manufacture the consumable nutritional and dietary products. Milk permeates are even used as a substitute for the milk powder and skim milk. The global milk permeate market has huge scope in the markets across the globe. There is a significant rise in the demand for milk permeate as a consequence of increased use of it in the food and beverages market. A large number of participants are entering the market with competitive prices. The increased competition has led to better solutions in the milk permeate market. The regions that are largely involved in the milk permeate market include Europe, North America, Asia, and Latin America. Some of the major players in the milk permeate market are CP Ingredients, Interfood Inc., Kaskat Dairy, Arion Dairy Products B.V., Fonterra Co-operative Group, FIR Company, and Numidia B.V.

Wide Range of Applications is Increasing the Demand for Milk Permeate Market

The key factor which is driving the global milk permeate market is the application of the milk permeate in reducing the overall cost of production in the food and beverages industry. The milk permeate is used as a bulking agent, due to which the products look attractive and bulky. Globally, there is a significant rise in the production of protein-rich ingredients in the market which is supporting the growth of the milk permeate market.  The milk permeate market is driving upwards at a fast pace due to the increase in global protein consumption. The increasing health conscious population across the globe is also driving the milk permeate market. The main restraint that is hindering the growth of milk permeate is it has very limited use in the food products as it contains lactose and lactose has low sweetness, it creates digestive problems in people who cannot tolerate the lactose and is less soluble in the liquid. Also, there are substitutes available for milk permeate such as milk powder and skim milk.

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Global Milk Permeate Market: Key Players

Some of the large players in the global milk permeate market are Grassland Dairy Products Inc., CP Ingredients, Senel BV, Baltic Dairy Board Ltd., Numidia BV, Arla Foods Ingredients, Innova Food Ingredients, Arion Dairy Products B.V., Idaho Milk Products, Goodman Fielder Pty Limited, Lactalis Ingredients, Craig’s Cheese Shop, FIR Company, American Dairy Products Institute, Fonterra Co-operative Group, Euroduna Food Ingredients GmbH, Proliant Dairy Ingredients, Kaskat Dairy, DairyAmerica Inc., Interfood Inc., and Vitalus Nutritional Inc. These manufacturers are expanding their market across the globe.

Opportunities for Market Participants

Manufacturers of milk permeate have huge opportunities in the global market. The increase in the per capita income in the consumers renders huge opportunities to the manufacturers as consumers are keen on spending a good amount of money for better quality and taste. Moreover, there is a significant rise in the global food and beverages industry which has provided manufacturers huge opportunity in the milk permeate market.

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