Carambola Market New Innovations, Research and Growth Factor till 2026

Posted by Amy on March 26th, 2020

Market Outlook

Carambola is a native fruit of Sri Lanka and Indonesia, and is consumed throughout the South Pacific, Southeast Asia, Micronesia, and a few parts of East Asia. Carambola is a rare commodity but contains a high level of nutrition. Carambola is now widely used for cooking purposes, and is also used in food preservation, due to which, the demand from the food industry is increasing enormously. Carambola contains a high amount of vitamins, which helps in the healthy metabolism of the body and maintains a healthy immune system. Although carambola has low amounts of crucial minerals, it is rich in copper content, and also helps lower the cholesterol level of the body. In India, the demand for carambola from lactating mothers is very high, as it is believed to stimulate the flow of milk and also help cure body ache and headaches. Owing to carambola’s properties such as healing and as an antioxidant, it is significantly used as an ingredient in the cosmetic industry.

Increasing Use of Carambola in a Wide Variety of Food and Drink Products

Rapid urbanization has drastically changed the eating habits of consumers, leading to a shift in their food preferences. People around the world are opting for healthier food options such as carambola in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As carambola could be used in a variety of food and drink products, its demand has increased significantly, which is expected to boost the carambola market over the forecast period. With this increasing demand for carambola, many manufacturers in the cosmetic industry are also incorporating carambola into their skin care products. Such inclusion has enabled the local manufacturers of carambola-based skin care products to expand and reach the global market, which is expected to bolster the growth of the carambola market.

  • As the demand for carambola has increased extensively, commercial acreage and production have also witnessed an increase throughout the tropical and subtropical world. Currently, major producers include Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Australia, Guyana, the Philippines, Israel, and the United States. 

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Global Carambola Market: Key Players

The global carambola market has evolved on the backdrop of unhealthy food items. In the carambola market, Asia Pacific is estimated to account for the highest volume share, whereas, North America is estimated to account for the highest CAGR, owing to the increasing demand for vegan food products.

Some of the key players operating in the global carambola market are FRUITLAND, Sincerely Nuts, Frieda’s Inc., HOW NATURAL, Bhairavnath Nursery, N.H Pvt Ltd, California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc., Herbtronic Inc., and Doctor Schar’s Eco Farm, among others.

Opportunities for Market Participants

Technological advancements in cosmetic product formulation, coupled with the ever-expanding variety of personal care products, is expected to create an unconditional opportunity for carambola producers to create a path for the development of carambola production. The carambola market is also foreseen to profit from the ongoing surge in the demand for vegan items, creating further prospects for the growth of players in the carambola market. There aren’t any big players who offer carambola in any form. Thus, companies could focus on producing and exporting carambola across the globe, resulting in expanding their global presence in the carambola market. Therefore, the global carambola market is expected to have a positive outlook over the forecast period.

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