Which are the best ayurvedic soaps for bathing

Posted by Patanjali Ayurved Ltd on March 26th, 2020

Ever wondered whether the daily use cleansing items you are using on a regular basis are up to the mark. Apart from that industrial-grade sodium hydroxide and oil and some stabilizing agents, what else does it offer? Basically, you won’t get an answer to this question, because it is non-existent.

Since then there have been several advancements in this field, resulting in further findings. One such was ayurvedic soaps and other cleansing agents. Completely herbal in nature, these soaps are completely harmless, with its constituents being an all-natural mixture. Thus, some of the best authentic bathing soaps, available online-

  1. Almond Kesar Kanti body cleanser

Almonds are often traditionally termed to pack different excellent memory perks. Kesar or Kashmiri saffron has been infamous for being expensive, but it’s an unavoidable ingredient when anything sweet or even curry-based exotic food is being cooked. But their cleansing properties are beyond compare.

Almond and Kesar have different antibodies and anti-toxins which aim at detoxifying the skin and reduce pigmentation. Almond Kesar Kanti body cleanser packs all the healthy constituents of both Almond and saffron (Kesar). Adding to its perk, you can buy this herbal bathing soap online too.

  1. Neem Kanti body cleanser

Neem has been infamous for being bitter in taste, thus it’s not much appreciated as per human taste-bud standards. But this undermines the fact that the number of anti-oxidants in Neem is very effective for the toxins.

This multipurpose herb is used to make herbal soap, the Neem Kanti body cleanser, which is an ayurvedic soap, with many advantages. One can easily buy this bathing soap online.

  1. Aloe Vera Kanti body cleanser

Aloe Vera has been around for thousands of years. This was mentioned in many herbal medicine books, including Ayurveda. This has many cleansing properties, including the removal of blemishes and toxins from the body.

Aloe Vera Kanti body cleanser is one such natural bath soap. This herbal soap is a blend of Aloe Vera pulp and other organic materials. This natural bath soap is available everywhere and can be bought online as well.

  1. Haldi Chandan body cleanser

Haldi and Chandan have ample of anti-oxidants in them, making those completely reliable sources of body cleansing. Apart from this, they also have many anti-microbial functions, helping prevent any skin problems. Haldi Chandan body cleanser packs the best of both in ayurvedic soap. This is bath soap that can be bought online and at merchandise stores as well.

  1. Panchgavya body cleanser

Panchgavya is an ancient mixture derived entirely from cow’s products. Cow milk, cow urine or Gaumutra, cow dung or Gobar, curd, and ghee, which are cow milk products. This is known to have many anti-bacterial functions. This was originally an ointment and a body rub.

The Panchgavya body cleanser is one such herbal soap, with many anti-microbial properties, perfect for any skin type. It curbs the effects of any disease and treats it.

Patanjali Ayurved has been around for many years now and has been producing these cleansers for our skin satisfaction and freshness. Backed by the good reviews of an entire country of 1.3 billion, these are some of the best ones to ever roam in the soap markets with this many benefits.

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