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Posted by dforce academy on March 26th, 2020

There are many myths about this topic. The website is becoming an essential need for every type of business, that’s why demand is increasing. Maybe you are thinking about making a website for your start-up or you want to make a career in website designing.

These questions always pop up in mind when you are researching the website making- Is it possible to make a website without coding? Which is better CMS or Coding? is it necessary to learn code for a website?

If you are facing even one of these questions then this article is just for you. But first, understand that what is CMS and Hand coding and what is the difference in these things.

CMS and Hand Coding are two Different ways to make a website. They all have some pros and cons to them. So let just elaborate both of them one by one.

Hand Coding


This way of making websites requires a good knowledge of some programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, .net, SQL, PHP, etc. Having knowledge of these Programming languages gives you a better understanding of a page or a full website. This approach is also known as a very old and traditional way of making sites. Now let’s talk about some advantages and pros of making a website with hand or manual coding.


In-depth Control on modifications

The Basic requirements are to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This allows you to create a website like whatever you want. You can control every inch of your website and control it. if anything goes wrong, you would have sufficient knowledge to solve them accordingly.


The best thing about Coding is that You can create a template that you can use in your future projects which is really helpful in the long term. you can do it with WordPress too but it is not an easy process. In hand-coding, it is quite easy to do this compared to CMS.

Let’s talk about the disadvantages of the hand-coding method of making websites.

Hard to learn

To make a really great website with the Manual Coding method you need to learn the different types of programming languages like .net, HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. In order to create a really interactive website. You need to sometime master these skills.

Very Lengthy Process

Making a website by using this method also takes time if we include optimizing it for mobile or bootstrapping. Just hit the ctrl+u on any web page you can see how difficult and lengthy codes have used to make a single web page. So imagine creating a website with 10 or 20 pages in it.


When you are working with a lot of codes you will definitely face many kinds of errors which you can not ignore because a single line of code can affect the full appearance of your website so, you need to be careful in this.

Now Let’s Talk about CMS



CMS means Content Management System. It is a system that is used to manage all the content on a website. Basically it is a software or tool to build a website. You can easily add and delete images, text, links and other content and also manage it with a userfriendly interface. WordPress, Prestashop, and Shopify are some popular examples.


Easy to learn and use

If you want to make a website by using this method you don’t need to have any technical. In simple words, if you have ever sent an e-mail to someone you can learn and make a website with this. It did not require any knowledge of coding. It is as simple as editing an image in mobile using a photo editing software or using a mobile phone and manage it.

Multi-user Management

It is one of the best things about CMS that allows you to create multi-user to manage and control your site. If you want to build a large website that provides multiple blogs and features in it, then you must need a CMS because of most of the CMS have multi-user support. You can create users very easily. You can assign them different roles for different work. It is a really helpful feature if you update your site on a daily basis.

Extremely easy customization

You can easily change your photos and text and elements. It is quite easy if you compare it with the Manual coding method. because you can easily access some plugin to add new features and use just like you download and app from your play store or AppStore.

Large Community support

It is very easy and user-friendly to use and most of them are free. Due to these benefits, the majority of the website or blogs you see on the internet are made using one of the CMS. It means It has very wide community support to help you out. There are millions of articles or blogs and websites for this, so it is for sure that you are going to find the solution to your website’s any problem.

Minimum errors

This is very rare that you find any error in a CMS because you are not directly dealing with the code. It is very hard to get an error in an open-source CMS like WordPress

Now let’s talk about some disadvantages of a CMS.


It is not easy to hack a website build with a CMS but hackers usually attack these websites to find some programming bugs. That’s why it is important to keep a CMS updated and keep an eye on it.

Less Control

For sure there are thousands of plugins available to customize and add some features to the website. But you can not modify it exactly like what you want.


Manual Coding is best for those who want to make two or three pages and ready to invest their precious 6 months in learning and practice coding first. But if you want to update your website on a daily basis or frequently then CMS is best for you. We highly recommend you to start with CMS and invest your precious time in learning something else that can be beneficial for your website. Because making a website only is not enough for your success in the online world. There are many skills you can learn that can help your website to grow. Digital Marketing is a perfect partner skill to learn with it. Guess what we also have a Single course for that. You can also get a free demo class if you want or feel free to contact us.

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